Effect of feeding Portulaca Oleracea extract on the Amelioration of heat stress in broiler

Noor Zubaidah Ismail Bontak (2016) Effect of feeding Portulaca Oleracea extract on the Amelioration of heat stress in broiler. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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An experiment was conducted on 21 ~ay old Cobb broilers to study the effect of feeding Portulaca oleracea extract on the amelioration of heat stress. The investigations were made on feed intake and growth performance, common blood profile and lymphoid organs status in heat stressed broilers supplied with different types of supplements. In this experiment, 24 broilers were randomly and equally divided into 4 treatment groups (TO, TI, 12, TI) having 3 replications under each with 2 broilers. The TO group was control and TI, 12 and TI were the heat stressed only, heat stressed plus ascorbic acid and heat stressed plus P. oleracea extract, respectively. The heat stress was induced artificially and the doses of P. oleracea extract were equivalent to the recommended dose of ascorbic acid for broiler in terms of total anti-<>xidant potentials. Mortality rate and feed intake were recorded on daily baSis while the body weight was recorded weekly. At the end of the experiment, all the birds were used for blood sampling and only three birds under each treatment group were used for monitOring the lymphoid organs status. The collected data were analyzed by one-way analysiS of variance (ANOVA) using the principles of completely Randomized Design in SPSS statistical package of version 21.0. Results showed that feeding of P. oleracea had slightly increased the body weight in the birds during 2nd week of rearing only and there were no signifICant effects of feeding P. oleracea on any other parameters such feed intake, feed conversion ratio, lymphoid organ status and blood profile. It can be concluded that feeding P. oleracea extract has no effect on amelioration of heat stress in broiler.

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