Overview on Proboscis Monkeys (Nasalis Larvatus ) as a nature tourism product: Klias Peninsula, Sabah

Frankie A. Patrick (2008) Overview on Proboscis Monkeys (Nasalis Larvatus ) as a nature tourism product: Klias Peninsula, Sabah. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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This research is to provide a scientific overview on Proboscis monkey as a nature tourism product in Klias peninsula, Sabah. The objectives of this research is to verify the nature tourism criteria of Proboscis monkeys based on four characteristics (reliability of sighting, linkage to local culture, behavioral enticement and safety) and to provide quantitative information on the nature tourism potential of Proboscis monkeys based on these four criteria. The study site is at Kg. Garama, Klias while the study targets are the tourists, local people and the Proboscis monkey. Two sets of questionnaire were prepared and distributed to tourists and local people. Interview were also conducted with the tour operator at Kg. Gamma along with spot observations on the Proboscis monkey at the study site. The total number of respondents was 89. Reliability of sighting was measured through the number individuals observed by the tourists during their boat trips and the number of individuals observed during the spot observation. Most of the respondents stated that they saw many (31-50 individuals) Proboscis monkey during their boat trips and the best time to observed Proboscis monkey is during the late afternoon (4.00pm-6.00pm). Some (19 respondents) of the local people stated that Proboscis monkey has its own tale, myth and aphorism. They also stated that they are involved with business based on Proboscis monkey and their involvement in the industry increases their profitability and livelihood. Behavioral enticement involved the behavior of the Proboscis monkey that attracts the tourist to observe it. The respondents stated that feeding behavior was the most attractive behavior to be observed. From the spot observation, feeding behavior is the most frequent behavior shown by the Proboscis monkey. Safety involves the risk that tourist faces during visits on the nature tourism product. In this research, it was found out that there had been no reports of attacks or accidents caused by the Proboscis monkey on tourists. Interview with the tour operator and also visits to the Beaufort Hospital confirms this statement. Therefore Proboscis monkey are safe to be observed. This research has fulfill its objectives in which the proboscis monkey were easy to observe during observatio~ it has linkage to the local people culture and livelihood, it has behavioral enticement shown frequently and it is safe to be visited.

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