Comparison of DNA extraction methods from orchid leaves

Gayathri Priyatharlsini Vythalingam (2008) Comparison of DNA extraction methods from orchid leaves. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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DNA extraction is an important step in obtaining molecular data. In this study, three DNA extraction methods were compared based on the quantity and quality of the obtained DNA. The Dellaporta, SDS and CTAB methods were used to extract DNA from leaf samples of four different orchid species namely G. speciosum, P. amahilis, R. bella and Oncidillm species with each having four replicates. Results indicated that there was interaction between the extraction methods and the species used in terms of the obtained DNA quantity (p<0.05).However, there was no significant interaction between the methods and species in terms of quality (p>O.05). Based on the results the highest mean of DNA quantity for the CTAB method was obta.i 'n ed for G. speciosum (84.40 ug).Furthermore, for the Dellaporta method the highest mean quantity was obtained by Oncidium species (48.10 ug). Apart from that, the highest mean quantity for the SDS method was obtained by G. speciosum (30.95 ug). On the other hand, based on the quality of the obtained DNA, the Dellaporta and CT AB method gave the highest mean ratio of A260 / A280 for aU the species with mean values of 1.678 and 1.582 respectively. Conversely, the SDS method gave the lowest mean ratio of 1.323.

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