The study of secondary metabolites of soft corals from the Mantanani Islands

Phan, Chin Soon (2008) The study of secondary metabolites of soft corals from the Mantanani Islands. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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Soft corals (phylum Cnidaria) are known to produce diverse marine secondary metabolites which play a vital role for their defence, communication and often found to exhibit pharmacological activity. Less research has conducted on soft corals that found in Mantanani Islands. Therefore, investigation of secondary metabolites (especially terpenoids) for three soft corals; Lobophytum, Sarcophyton and Sinularia sp. from Mantanani Islands were carried out. These samples were undergoes extraction and solvent-solvent partition to get crude extract that contained mainly of secondary metabolites which were later subjected to chemical profiling, followed by fractionation, isolation and purification to obtained seven different compounds. The isolated metabolites were subjected to NMR for several 10 and 20 spectral analysis to elucidate the structure of these natural products. Thus, a total seven compounds were isolated from three different samples. Three cembrane diterpenoids and a cholesterol were found in Lobophytum sp. As for Sarcophyton sp., two different cembrane diterpenoids were isolated, plus a cholestorol was also present in this sample. Whereas, a known steroid was found in the Sinularia sp. All the isolated compounds were conducted for antibacterial bioassay. In conclusion, only compound 4 exhibited positive activities against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Out of the seven compounds, five compounds were found to be known.

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Keyword: Soft corals, Mantanani Islands, secondary metabolites, terpenoids
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