Performance of rice ( Oryza Sativa) single seedling under alternate wetting and drying irrigation method

Lee, Wei Loan (2017) Performance of rice ( Oryza Sativa) single seedling under alternate wetting and drying irrigation method. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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Rice seedlings are prone to root disturbance during transplanting. This can affect the growth performance and yield of the crop. Yield reduction is a common problem under alternate wetting and drying (AWD) irrigation. A study was conducted to compare the growth performance of different single seedlings under AWD irrigation. Single seedlings used are CSS (conventional single seedling), SISS (shallow isolated seedling), and DISS (deep isolated single seedling). Constant saturation (CS) was tested as yield and water use check under AWD. Aluminum attachments with 14mm square isolated cells were constructed to produce isolate single seedling. The use of isolated single seedlings was aimed to reduce the 'transplanting shock' in rice transplanting. TR-8 variety was used because it is commonly cultivated in Sabah. Pot trial was carried out under rainshelter from July to November 2016. Statistical analysis shows no interaction between seedlings used and irrigation method. The results showed CSS performed better among the seedlings and CS performed better under AWD although the differences are not statistically significant. Further investigation on field using different soil should be carried to determine the performance of different single seedling under AWD as previous studies had reported almost no yield reduction under AWD. Optimum level of wetting and drying should be identified using TR-8 using different soil under similar climate condition.

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