Memikir ulang Persoalan Politik Pembangunan Dalam PRU-14: Kajian Kes P169 Kota Belud

Mohamad Haziq Ikhsan Mohd Rudzainoor and Zaini Othman and Eko Prayitno Joko and Jasmi Mohd Nasier (2018) Memikir ulang Persoalan Politik Pembangunan Dalam PRU-14: Kajian Kes P169 Kota Belud. Jurnal Kinabalu (EJK). pp. 1-25.

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This paper focuses on the effort of rethinking the importance of politics of development in the P.169 Kota Belud area, in anticipation of the upcoming GE-14. The theme of politics of development was chosen because of its importance in the socioeconomic development of an area like Kota Belud which is struggling in its physical development. There exists a diverse interpretation among Social Scientists on the definition of politics of development. A non-absolute interpretation of politics of development is a type of change that was effected by individuals and groups in a society through a certain force to trigger improvements in social life both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is social conditions that is a catalyst to development, dependent on an increasing level of literacy. Geographically scanning the state of Sabah it is apparent that there are still areas, both urban and rural, that require more solid development efforts from the ruler. Barisan Nasional (BN) was denied the two-thirds majority in Parliament at the GE-13, unlike during GE-12. Yet is was rescued by the Sabah State who secured 22 of the 25 seats available, and further proved its role as a key contributor to BN in defending their position as the ruling coalition party of Malaysia. A total of 1,000 questionnaires were distributed in the three State Legislative Assembly namely N.06 Tempasuk, N.07 Kadamaian and N.08 Usukan followed by Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with locals who have wisdom about the Kota Belud political scenario. The findings of the study show that prior to the dissolution of parliament on 7 April 2018, the issue of development was the main parameter for voters in anticipation of GE-14, alongside the issues of increasing costs of living and other national issues. This paper will discuss voter satisfaction with regards to the politics of development that has been carried out, in anticipation of GE-14.

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Keyword: Development, GE-14, candidates, Kota Belud, Sabah
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