Performance of broiler fed with fermented corn kernel silage

Hamizan Shamsuddin (2017) Performance of broiler fed with fermented corn kernel silage. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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A field experiment was conducted at the Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture (FSA) In Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Sandakan, from September to November 2016. The study was carried out to Investigate the performance of broiler fed with fermented com kernel silage. The experimental design used in this experiment was by using randomized complete block design (RCBD). Two treatments were used for this experiments, which lndude fermented com kernel silage (FCKS) (T2) and dry corn (T2). A total of 36 broilers were used for both treatments. Each of the treatment have 18 broilers in which each treatment has three cages with six broilers In each cage. Data and observation were taken daily for two weeks starting from day 21 until day 35. Feed were given twice daily In which In the morning and at dusk. Results showing that dry matter (DM) basis for dry com was 97 .36% while FCKS with 20. 99%. The body weight gain for broilers for dry com was heavier with mean of 458.33g than FCKS with mean of 344.44g. Dry corn has the higher mean value of feed Intake (560.28g) when compare with FCKS (203.0lg) when calculated In DM basis. For average dally gain (ADG), the mean calculation showed that dry com had the higher ADG than FCKS. However, FCKS give lower mean of feed conversion ratio with the value of 1.45 when comparing with dry corn (3.02). In the case of carcass weight, FCKS had heavier carcass weight than dry com. The last parameter taken which was weight of feather, the result showed that T2 has heavier mean of feathers weight than Tl. From the result obtained, it can be known that FCKS was better than dry corn by comparing the FCR and feed Intake when calculated In DM basis.

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