The impact on performance traits of calf sired by stud brahman bull

Nooraisyah Saharani (2010) The impact on performance traits of calf sired by stud brahman bull. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The cattle industry in Malaysia is faced by problems of low quantity and quality beef of cattle breed supply. Brahman cattle is known to have characteristics of early maturing, heavier weights, grew and finished on inferior pasture, have 3% carcass yield advantage, high drought survival rate and carried relatively few ticks. Thus making it the most suitable breed to be further developed in this country. Seventy three heads male and female stud calves born from Stud Brahman bull with Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) and 85 heads of non-stud calves born to Brahman bull with unknown genetic merit at Livestock Breeding Center, Tawau were evaluated to determine sire calf effect on pre-weaning calf growth performance and weaning characteristics. All calves were weighed at birth and at every three months interval until they were weaned when the calves' weight exceed 150 kg or more. Records from 158 calves over 5 years period were used to assess birth weight, weight at three, six and nine months, weaning weight, weaning age and pre weaning ADG of non-stud calves. Birth weight (23 ± 0.4kg) , 3 months (98.68 kg ± 4.39kg) and 9 months (224 ± 13kg) of stud male calves were significantly heavier (P<0.05) than non-stud calves. Females of stud calves were significantly heavier at birth (22.26 ± 0.33kg) and 3 months (98.7 ± 4.33kg) than non-stud female calves. Weaning weight of stud calves was heavier for both male (186.19 ± 5.33kg) and female (184.5 ± 6.01kg). Stud sire Significantly affected (P<0.05) weaning age and pre-weaning ADG of calves. Weaning age of stud male and female calves was also significantly shorter (228.68 ± 3.58 d and 226.63 ± 3.75 d) in comparison to non-stud calves. Calf pre-weaning ADG was greater for stud calves for both male and female (0.71 ± 0.02kg/d). The introduction of stud bull improved calves performances with heavier weight performances, shorter weaning age and greater pre-weaning ADG. Proven stud bulls can enhanced breeding program and promote accountability and cost effectiveness to accelerate the development in the beef industry. cattle industry in Malaysia could be enhanced with the use of Stud Brahman bull with EBV in breeding program as it gives significant impact towards calf’s growth, early weaning characteristic and improve dam performance.

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