Analisis fasies kawasan Menggatal-Inanam, Sabah

Khairi Firdaus Abdullah @ B.V. Khong (2003) Analisis fasies kawasan Menggatal-Inanam, Sabah. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The study area is located at Menggatal-Inanam area with an area of about 25 km square which bounded by latitude 05°92' N to 06°02' N and longitude 116°07' E to 116°10' E. Facies analysis indicates that the rock units were deposited as a prograding submarine fan within a middle fan facies association. The sediments were deposited by turbidity current (low density - high density) and mass flow. Paleo-current direction (3300W to 35°E) suggests that the sediments supply came from the south. The fan is developed by lateral migration of distributory channel and lobes in a large elongate basin of abyssal depth with 65% fining upward sequence (FUS) and 35% coarsening upward sequence (CUS). It consists of the Crocker Formation and Quaternary deposits. The Crocker Formation is of Middle Eocene to Early Miocene of age. The Crocker rock units can be divided, namely: Massive Sandstone (Facies 8) characterrised by thickly bedded sandstone (more than 5 meter). The Sandstone and Shale Unit (Facies Cl and C2) is characterized by interbedded sandstone and shale with different thickness ratio. The Grey Shale Unit (Facies DIE) is characterised bedded shaJe interbedded with thinly bedded sandstone.

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