Percambahan biji benih orkid dendrobium macrophyllum secara in vitro

Anizan Daud (2006) Percambahan biji benih orkid dendrobium macrophyllum secara in vitro. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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This research was canied out to study the effect of basal media (½ MS and VW) on the growth of orchid seeds and the effect of media (1/2MS and VW) with the addition of activated charcoal or complex additives to protocorms growth . The explants (the seeds and the protocorm) were cultured on solid media. Observations were made routinely every 20 days up to the formation of plantlets. Results showed that VMS medium gave better result compare to VW medium for seed germination and protocorm growth. Protocorms are formed after 32 days of culture with the G.l of181.6 in ½ MS compared to VW medium, which takes about 38 days with the G.I of 144.3. PlantIets are formed at 134 days and after 175 days for basal ½ MS and VW media, with the G.I of both media are 402.3 and 399.7 respectively. Plantlets were observed after 47 days of culture in ½ MS medium supplemented with 15% (v/v) CW with the G.I is 554.0. PlantIets development in V2MS medium containing 10% (v/v) and 20% (v/v) CW was achieved after 52 days and 49 days after cultured respectively, with the G.I is 532.8 and 527.8. Combination of VW media with activated charcoal and additives complexes are found insufficient for plantIets development which took about 52 days for the treatment of VW supplemented with peptone with the G.I of 455.3 and 55 days for the supplementation of yeast extract with its G.lworth 438.1. UMS.

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