Abundance and biodiversity of echinoderms in Tanjung Aru and Pulau Gaya

Loo, Chew Hui (2007) Abundance and biodiversity of echinoderms in Tanjung Aru and Pulau Gaya. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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A total of 29 species of echinoderms from 11 families were collected during the study. 11 species from six families were found in Tanjung Aru and 26 species from 11 families were recorded in Pulau Gaya. Crinoidea has the highest total of species among the classes (16 species) and dominated both study area. Ophiuroidea was the only class that was found only in Pulau Gaya (3 species, 3 families). Ophiarachna affinis had the lowest abundance (2 ind/m2) and it was only recorded in PG8. For habitat structure, both areas were cover with coral, sand and rubble but coral dominated the study area. Pulau Gaya is significantly higher abundance of echinoderms, PG8 (330 ind/m2) and PG4 (140 ind/m2) followed by TA8 (19 ind/m2) and TA4 (17 ind/m2). Pulau Gaya had the higher species richness (20-22 species). While, in Tanjung Aru only had almost half of the species richness from Pulau Gaya (5-10 species). TA4 however had the lowest number of species (5 species) but it has the highest evenness, l' = 0.92. Higher value of J' shows that a species is evenly distributed in an area. This study showed that echinoderms were found to show better diversity in a better environmental parameters such as sediment level.

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Keyword: echinoderm, Tanjung Aru, Crinoidea, sediment level, environmental parameter, better diversity
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