Biodiversity of trawler-caught sea snakes off West Coast Sabah

Gavin Jolis (2009) Biodiversity of trawler-caught sea snakes off West Coast Sabah. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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The aim of this study is to gather current information on the diversity, diet and morphometrics of trawler-caught sea snakes in the west coast of Sabah. Sea snake collections done by three bottom trawlers during the months of October 2008 to February 2009 amounted to a total of 129 specimens representing 13 species of sea snakes of four genera in one subfamily (Hydrophiinae) (Simpson's Index of diversity, Ds = 0.86), representing 72% of the sea snake fauna in Sabah with six species not recorded in earlier reports. Based on dissections of 59 specimens from 10 species, sea snake assemblage that occurred in this area primarily prey on species which were predominantly sedentary, benthic, burrowing or crevice dwelling. The identified prey items are fish families Congridae, Pholidichthyidae, Nemipteridae, Batrachoididae, Ambassidae, Labridae and Leiognathidae. Invertebrate family Lologinidae and fish eggs were also found in their stomachs. Seven body form categories of identified prey items are eels, eel-like fish, goby-like, surgeonfish-like, rabbitfish-like, invertebrates and fish eggs. Morphometric analyses were done for Hydrophis melanocephalus (N=25; Female = 13; Male = 12) and Hydrophis ornatus ornatus (N=23; Female = 10; Male = 13). Results show contradiction to an earlier study which might be explained by the relatively small sample size and the specimens possibly consist of subadults that were still growing.

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Keyword: sea snake, diversity, diet, morphometric, Sabah west coast
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