Isolation, characterization and screening of phenol degrader from wastewater treatment plant effluent

Ooi, Chun Wei (2008) Isolation, characterization and screening of phenol degrader from wastewater treatment plant effluent. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


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This research is about enumeration, isolation, characterization and screening for potential phenol degrader from the wastewater treatment plant, Shell Labuan Crude Oil Terminal (LCOT). The objectives of this research are to enumerate the total bacteria from the wastewater treatment by using enrichment technique and the direct plating technique. After that, the bacteria will be isolated, characterized, and screen for find the potential phenol degrader. The bacteria found that more growing up by using enrichment technique compare to the direct plating technique where the number of bacteria growth on Ramsay agar was 6.76 x 10� CFU/mL and direct plating technique was 4.42 x 10² CFU/mL. Meanwhile, number of bacteria growth at nutrient agar by using enrichment technique was 8.03 x 10� CFU/mL and direct plating technique was 6.12 x 10² CFU/mL. From this research, 39 strains were isolated and four of them were selected according the colony morphology and cellular morphology. Screen for the potential degrader phenol, Ramsay agar and broth, nutrient agar and broth were used which contain concentration phenol 4.5mM, 5.0mM, 5.5mM, and 6.0mM. From the screening test, RMWS-D5 was the most potential phenol degrader. Colony morphology for the RMWS-D5 was cream in color, irregular margin, flat, and round with radiating margin. Cellular morphology for RMWS-D5 was Gram-positive with rod shape. Other than that, four of the strains can growth in dense when test in 30°C, 37°C, and 40°C. RMWS-D5 and NAWS-E8 had been selected for test in growth rate because both of them were the higher CFU/mL in the screening test. Growth curve for both strains had been determined

Item Type: Academic Exercise
Keyword: wastewater treatment plant, Labuan Crude Oil Terminal, enrichment technique, plating technique, Cellular morphology
Subjects: T Technology > TD Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering
Department: SCHOOL > School of Science and Technology
Date Deposited: 25 Feb 2014 14:43
Last Modified: 12 Oct 2017 12:17

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