Kitab pelayaran Sampang Bulan: The Bajau Laut ancient sailing scripture

Ismail Ali (2014) Kitab pelayaran Sampang Bulan: The Bajau Laut ancient sailing scripture. In: International Seminar Merantau : imaging Migration In the Malay World, 30-31 Mac 2011, Frankfrut,Germany. (Submitted)


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A Bajau ancient sailing scripture owned by a famous Bajau sailor of Sabah called Kitab Pelayaran Sampang Bulan was discovered in Bum-Bum Island, Semporna in 2009. The scripture is now kept by his great grandchild, Tuan Hj. Maharaja Onnong, who is living in Bum-Bum Island. The scripture shows that the Bajau community was definitely the famous sailor of its time in Sabah as well as in the Dunia Melayu (Malay World)---they had knowledge, understanding and practising tradisional science, and Islamic Mathematics in their daily life. Based on previous studies, the content and the physical form of this scripture show that it is the only ancient sailing guide and also the oldest scripture ever found in the traditional maritime history of Sabah.

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Keyword: Bajau ancient sailing scripture , Bum-Bum Island, Semporna ,Tuan Hj. Maharaja Onnong , history of Sabah
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