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Adnan Amin-Safwan and Harman Muhd-Farouk and Nurul Hasyima-Ismail and Hairul Hafiz Mahsol and Mhd Ikhwanuddin (2019) Relationship between the carapace width and body weight increments and the confirmation of Stage 1 ovary after molting of the immature orange mud crab, Scylla olivacea, (Herbst, 1796) in captivity. Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology, 41 (6). pp. 1226-1232. ISSN 0125-3395 (P-ISSN) , 2408-1779 (E-ISSN)

Aldrin Peter Aloysius and Lim, Wing-Shen and Andy Russel Mojiol (2021) Species Composition of Bat at the Tenghilan Community Forest in Sabah, Malaysia. Transactions on Science and Technology, 8 (3). pp. 137-142. ISSN 2289-8786

Clarence Jidih and Elliecpearl Jasca Joning and Mohammad Tamrin Mohamad Lal (2023) Antifungal potential of yellow bur head limnocharis flava (Buchenau, 1868) against pathogenic oomycete, lagenidium thermophilum. Borneo International Journal of Biotechnology (BIJB), 3. pp. 126-134.

Evan, Quah Seng Huat and Chong, Ju Lian (2023) Reptile predators of swiftlets (genus Aerodramus), with a focus on their impact on the swiftlet farming industry. Herpetology Notes, 16. pp. 457-462. ISSN 2071-5773

Fatmawati Lambuka and Nurzafirah Mazlan and Thung, Tze Young and Siti Marwanis Anuad and Ruzaina Ishak (2023) Isolation and Characterisation of Bacteria and Fungus from the Intestine of Sea Cucumber Acaudina molpadioides. Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, 19. pp. 103-115. ISSN 2289-5981

Fazilah Musa and Damri Darman (2022) The Contingent Valuation Method contributes solutions for wildlife conservation: A case study at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo, Malaysia. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 18. pp. 1174-1186. ISSN 1551-3793

Hah, Huai En and Liew, Thor Seng and Suganiya Rama Rao and Yow, Yoon Yen and Shyamala Ratnayeke (2021) Distribution and environmental associations of invasive freshwater Pomacea snails in Peninsular Malaysia. Biological Invasions, 24. pp. 189-204. ISSN 1573-1464

Jephte Sompud and Sze Lue Kee and Kurtis Jia-Chyi Pei and Paul Liau and Collin Goh and Anthony J. Giordano (2023) Sunda Clouded Leopard Neofelis diardi (Cuvier, 1823) (Mammalia: Carnivora: Felidae) occupancy in Borneo: results of a pilot vehicle spotlight transect survey. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 15. pp. 22559-22566. ISSN 0974-7893

Juanita Joseph and Hideaki Nishizawa and Siti Nabilla Jalimin and Rafidah Othman and Saifullah Arifin Jaaman and James Bali and Zhang Xuelei (2023) Health status and genetic compositions of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) foraging in Brunei Bay. PLoS ONE, 18. pp. 1-14. ISSN 1932-6203

M. Nahid Hasan and H. M. Rakibul Islam and Y. Mahmud and K. K. U. Ahmed and Md. Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee (2014) Application of Pesticides in Rice-prawn (Crustaceans) Culture: Perception and Its Impacts. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 4. pp. 1219-1229. ISSN 2347-565X

Noor Amalia Shaiful Kahar and Nurul Ain Mohd Sharif and Muhammad Ali Syed Hussein and Julian Ransangan and Seok, Annita Kian Yong (2022) Reproductive cycle and size at maturity of wild mud crab, Scylla tranquebarica (Fabricus, 1798) in Marudu Bay, Sabah. Borneo Journal of Marine Science and Aquaculture, 6 (1). pp. 20-29. ISSN 2600-8882

Nor Azman Kasan and Hidayah Manan and Mohammad Tamrin Mohd Lal and Ahmad Ideris Abdul Rahim and Amyra Suryatie Kamaruzzan and Ahmad Najmi Ishak and Mhd Ikhwanuddin (2022) A novel study on the effect of rapid biofloc as pellet feed on the survival rate and water quality of mud crab, Scylla olivacea culture. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management, 17 (2). pp. 46-54. ISSN 2672-7226

Pang Myron and Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee and Sujjat Al Azad (2014) Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate diversity in sea cucumbers: A review. Carbohydrate Polymers, 112. pp. 173-178. ISSN 0144-8617

Quah, Evan Seng Huat and Grismer, Lee L. and Wood, Jr., Perry L. and Aung Lin and Myint Kyaw Thura (2022) COVID-19 and civil unrest undoing steady gains in karst conservation and herpetological research in Myanmar, and an impediment to progress. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 14. pp. 20500-20502. ISSN 0974-7893 (P-ISSN) , 0974-7907 (E-ISSN)

Sun, Nick Ching-Min and Jephte Sompud and Pei, Kurtis Jai-Chyi (2018) Nursing Period, Behavior Development, and Growth Pattern of a Newborn Formosan Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla) in the Wild. Tropical Conservation Science, 11. pp. 1-6. ISSN 1940-0829

Teoh, Chui Fen and Audrey Daning Tuzan and Yong, Annita Seok Kian and Liew, Kit-Shing and Lim, Leong Seng and Liew, Hon Jung (2023) Evaluation of crystalline amino acids as potent stimulatory chemoattractants for the slipper lobster Thenus orientalis. PeerJ. pp. 1-17. ISSN 2167-8359

Vienna A. Admodisastro and Muhammad Baharuddin and John Madin and Sitti Raehanah Muhamad Shaleh and Aileen Tan Shau Hwai and Julian Ransangan (2023) Gut Content Analysis and Selective Feeding Behavior of the Asiatic Hard Clam Meretrix meretrix (Linnaeus, 1758) in Marudu Bay. Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Biology & Fisheries, 27. pp. 939-957. ISSN 1110 - 6131

Y. K. S. Chan and Y. A. Affendi and P. O. Ang and M. V. Baria-Rodriguez and C. A. Chen and A. P. Y. Chui and Giyanto and M. Glue and H. Huang and C-Y. Kuo and S. W. Kim and V. Y. Y. Lam and D. J. W. Lane and J. S. Lian and S. M. N. N. Lin and Z. Lunn and C. L. NaƱola Jr and V. L. Nguyen and H. S. Park and Suharsono and M. Sutthacheep and S. T. Vo and O. Vibol and Zarinah Waheed and H. Yamano and T. Yeemin and E. Yong and T. Kimura and K. Tun and L. M. Chou and D. Huang (2023) Decadal stability in coral cover could mask hidden changes on reefs in the East Asian Seas. Communications Biology, 6 (630). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2399-3642


Mohd Khalizan Sabullah and Mohammad Zaiful Junaedi and Noreen Nordin and Dg. Nooralizan Abd. Wahid and Rahmath Abdulla and Suraya Abd Sani and Ainol Azifa Mohd Faik and Mohd Yunus Shukor (2021) Characterisation and in vitro sensitivity of blood cholinesterase from diodon hystrix towards carbamate insecticides.

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