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Azwan Awang and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh and Pang Su Kuan and Kimiko Itoh and Toshiaki Mitsui and Mohd. Dandan Alidin (2016) Effect of adding appropriate mixture of NPK and chicken manure on growth and yield of tr-9 paddy variety on Beach Ridges Interspersed with Swales (BRIS) soil. Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University, 68. pp. 43-48.


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Eddy Syaizul Rizam Abdullah and Abdul Karim Mirasa and Habib Musa Mohamad and Hidayati Asrah (2020) The function or interlocking compressed earth brick in building wall systems: A literature review. In: The 8th Putrajaya International Built Environment Technology and Engineering Conference 2020, 21-22 December 2020, Virtual Conference.

Evernessah Eva Dominus and Chin, Clament Chin Fui Seung and Yap, Yun Fook and Jupikely James Silip and Januarius Gobilik (2021) Dairy farm effluent compost as medium for production of chilli (capsicum annuum l. ‘kulai’) in fertigation system.


Fera @ Nony Cleophas and F. Isidore and Baba Musta and B.N. Mohd Ali and Maznah Mahali and Nur Zaida Zahari and Kawi Bidin (2021) Effect of soil physical properties on soil infiltration rates.


Habib M. Mohamad and Adnan Zainorabidin and Baba Musta and M. Nursyahrain Mustafa and Adriana Erica Amaludin and Mohamad Niizar Abdurahman (2021) Compressibility behaviour and engineering properties of North Borneo peat soil. Eurasian Journal of Soil Science, 10. pp. 259-268. ISSN 2147-4249

Habib Musa Mohamad and B. Kasbi and Baba Musta and Z. Adnan and Hardianshah Saleh and Ismail Saad (2021) Investigating peat soil stratigraphy and marine clay formation using the geophysical method in Padas Valley, northern Borneo. Applied and Environmental Soil Science, 2021. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1687-7667

Huck Ywih Ch'ng and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Nik Muhamad Ab. Majid and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh (2017) Reducing soil phosphorus fixation to improve yield of zea mays l. cultivation on a tropical acid soil using compost and biochar derived from agro-industrial wastes. Compost Science and Utilization, 25 (2). pp. 82-94. ISSN 1065-657X (P-ISSN) , 2326-2397 (E-ISSN)


Jenifer Rolland L (2005) Inhibiting two-component signal transduction system in mycobacterium tuberculosis. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Ji Feng Ng and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Latifah Omar and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh and Yee Min Kwan and Ken Heong Poong and Adiza Alhassan Musah (2021) Combined use of calciprill and sodium silicate improves chemical properties of low-ph soil. Agronomy, 11 (2070). pp. 1-18. ISSN 2073-4395

Jodin Makinda and Khairul Anuar Kassim and C C Siong and Muttaqa Uba Zango and Abubakar Sadiq Muhammed (2021) Geotechnical properties of unprocessed soil from abandoned Mamut mine in Sabah, Borneo.


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Kayondo, Bonny and Jalloh, M.B. and Nur Aainaa Hasbullah and Abdurofi IImas and Selliah, Paramananthan (2023) Influence of agronomic practices on the yield of oil palm (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq.) grown on various soil management groups. Malaysian Journal of Soil Science, 27. pp. 1-17.


Lim, Fabian Chin Wen (2010) Eco-friendly pratices in oil palm plantation in Sabah - A survey. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


M Mohamad and N H Osman and M K I A Rahim and I Abustan and M R R M A Zainol and K Samuding and Siti Nor Farhana Zakaria and F Abu (2023) Suitability of pressmud as an adsorption material in wastewater treatment and as a booster in soil fertility and productivity. In: 2nd International Conference on Environmental Sustainability and Resource Security, 08/03/2022 - 09/03/2022, VIRTUAL, Malaysia.

M U Zango and K A Kassim and A S Muhammed and K Ahmad and Jodin Makinda (2021) Effect of biocementation via enzymatic induced calcium carbonate precipitation (EICP) on the shear strength of compacted clay liner. In: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 23-25 January 2021, Johor, Malaysia.

Maru Ali and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh and Walter Charles Primus and Adiza Alhassan Musah and Ng, Ji Feng (2023) Co-Composted Chicken Litter Biochar Increases Soil Nutrient Availability and Yield of Oryza sativa L. Land, 12. pp. 1-20.

Md Shawon Mahmud and Chong, Khim Phin (2022) Effects of Liming on Soil Properties and Its Roles in Increasing the Productivity and Profitability of the Oil Palm Industry in Malaysia. Agriculture, 12. pp. 1-14. ISSN 2077-0472

Mohamed Musa Hanafi and Parisa Azizi and Sheu Tijani Akinbola and Roslan Ismail and Sahibin @Sahibini Abd Rahim and Wan Mohd Razi Idris and Aznan Fazli Ismail (2021) Valorization of rare earth processing byproducts for agriculture usage. Scientific Reports, 11 (15234). ISSN 2045-2322

Muhamad Azrin Asat and Baba Musta and Hardianshah Saleh and Zulherry Isnain (2021) Determination of the typical subsurface soil thickness in Kota Belud, Sabah using geoelectrical resistivity imaging technique.

Muhammad Mukhlisin and Hany Windri Astuti and Eni Dwi Wardihani and Siti Jahara Matlan (2021) Techniques for ground-based soil moisture measurement: A detailed overview. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 14. ISSN 1866-7511

Muhammad Rendana and Wan Mohd Razi Idris and Sahibin Abdul Rahim and Zulfahmi Ali Rahman and Tukimat Lihan (2021) Characterization of physical, chemical and microstructure properties in the soft clay soil of the paddy field area. Sains Tanah - Journal of Soil Science and Agroclimatology, 18 (1). pp. 81-88. ISSN 1412-3606 (P-ISSN) , 2356-1424 (E-ISSN)


Nur Hidayah Hamidi and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Latifah Omar and Huck, Ywih Ch’ng and Prisca Divra Johan and Puvan Paramisparam and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh (2021) Acid Soils Nitrogen Leaching and Buffering Capacity Mitigation Using Charcoal and Sago Bark Ash. Sustainability, 13. pp. 1-17. ISSN 2071-1050


Philippe, Saner and Lim, Robin and Burla, Bo and Ong, Robert C. and Lorenzen, Michael Scherer and Hector, Andy (2009) Reduced soil respiration in gaps in logged lowland dipterocarp forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 258 (9). pp. 2007-2012. ISSN 0378-1127

Prisca Divra Johan and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Latifah Omar and Nur Aainaa Hasbullah (2021) Phosphorus transformation in soils following co-application of charcoal and wood ash. Agronomy, 11 (2010). pp. 1-25. ISSN 2073-4395

Prisca Divra Johan and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Nur Aainaa Hasbullah and Latifah Omar and Puvan Paramisparam and Nur Hidayah Hamidi and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh and Adiza Alhassan Musah (2022) Phosphorus sorption following the application of charcoal and sago (metroxylon sagu) bark ash to acid soils. Agronomy, 12 (3020). pp. 1-15.


Razak Wahab and Mohd Tamizi Mohd and Othman Sulaiman and W. S. Hashim (2007) Durability assessment of chemically treated Gigantochloa scortechinii in unsterile soil laboratory burial tests. Journal of Bamboo and Rattan, 6 (1-2). pp. 33-39. ISSN 1569-1586


Susilawati Kasim and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Nik Muhamad A. Majid and Mohd Khanif Yusop and Jalloh, Mohamadu Boyie (2009) Effect of organic based N fertilizer on dry matter (Zea mays L.), Ammonium and nitrate recovery in an acid soil of Sarawak, Malaysia. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 6 (7). pp. 1289-1294. ISSN 1546-9239

Syazaila Wasli and Baba Musta and Bhattachrya, Swapan Kumar (2011) Geochemistry of Kalabakan soils. In: 2011 National Postgraduate Conference - Energy and Sustainability: Exploring the Innovative Minds, NPC 2011, 19 - 20 September 2011, Perak, Malaysia.

Sahibin Abd Rahim and Ng Siuw Sing and Diana Demiyah Mohd Hamdan and Junaidi Asis and Hennie Fitria Wulandari Soehadi Erfen and Nur Zaida Zahari and Baba Musta (2021) Properties of cultivated soil from Mesilou-Kundasang agricultural area. Transactions on Science and Technology, 7 (4). pp. 213-218. ISSN 2289-8786

Sahibin Abd Rahim and Ng Siuw Sing and Diana Demiyah Mohd Hamdan and Nur Zaida Zahari and Hennie Fitria Wulandary Soehady Erfen and Junaidi Asis and Baba Musta (2021) Heavy metals content in soil and welsh onion from Mesilou agricultural area Ranau Sabah.

Sures Narayasamy and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh (2020) Usage of seaweed base organic fertilizer as yield booster at volcanic soil: Effect on soil quality and yield of patchouli (pogostemon cablin). Advances in Agricultural and Food Research Journal, 1 (2). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2736-1799

Syahrir Mhd Hatta and Ejria Saleh and Nurul Syakilah Suhaili and Normah Awang Besar @ Raffie (2022) Estimation of carbon pool at mangrove forest of Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia. Biodiversitas, The journal of Biological Diversity, 23 (9). pp. 4601-4608. ISSN 1412-033X


Tan Wei Hsiang (2022) Comparative study on the adsorption of heavy metal ions by kaolin, sand, activated carbon and their admixtures. Doctoral thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.


Wan Mohd. Razi and Sahibin Sahibini Abd Rahim and L. Tukimat and A.R. Zulfahmi and M. S. Mohd. Nizam and T. Fredolin and T. C. Teng (2019) Physico-chemical properties, carbon dioxide emissions and carbon stock in peat soil used for turmeric cultivation at Kuala Langat Selatan, Selangor, Malaysia. Borneo Science, 40. pp. 8-26. ISSN 1394-4339


Yetti Heryati and Debora Belawan and Arifin Abdu and Mohd Noor Mahat and Hazandy Abdul Hamid and Nik Muhamad A. Majid and Affendy Hassan and I.. Heriansyah (2011) Growth performance and biomass accumulation of a Khaya ivorensis plantation in three soil series of Ultisols. American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science, 6 (1). pp. 33-44. ISSN 1557-4989

Yit, Leng Lee and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Samsuri Abdul Wahid and Mohamadu Boyie Jalloh and Adiza Alhassan Muzah (2021) Nutrient release and ammonia volatilization from biochar-blended fertilizer with and without densification. Agronomy, 11. pp. 1-16. ISSN 2073-4395


Zuraidah Yahya and Aminuddin Husin and Jamal Talib and Jamarei Othman and Siti Zauyah Darus and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Jalloh, Mohamadu Boyie (2011) Pores reconfiguration in compacted Bernam series soil. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 8 (3). pp. 212-216. ISSN 1546-9239

Zuraidah Yahya and Aminuddin Husin and Jamal Talib and Jamarei Othman and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed and Jalloh, Mohamadu Boyie (2010) Soil compaction and oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) yield in a clay textured soil. American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science, 5 (1). pp. 15-19. ISSN 1557-4989

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