Synthesis and characterization of HKUSTIO2 thin film

Teo, Szea Err (2014) Synthesis and characterization of HKUSTIO2 thin film. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

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High electron-hole recombination ratio and low surface area have always been the major problems of T102 thin film. This study focuses on the effect of HKUST-1 towards photocatalytic efficiency T102 thin film. The HKUST-1/Ti02 thin film was prepared by dip-coating a Duran glass tube in a Ti02 precursor sol-gel, followed by drying in oven at 150 °C and calcination at 550 °C. The Ti02 coated Duran glass tube was then dipped into a mixture of 11102p recursor sol-gel and HKUST-1p owder to form a HKUST-1 02 thin film. Crystal phase of HKUST-1 and anatase T102 were both confirmed by powder XRD. The morphology of HKUST-102 thin film showed an unevenly distributed HKUST-1p owder on the surface of 1110t2h in film. Study of photocatalytic performance revealed that HKUST-102 thin film layer was able to degrade 4.5 % of 5 ppm of methyl orange (MO) solution in 3 hours under the UV-A irradiation while the bare 1110t2h in film was able to degrade 49.5 % of MO under same condition. The low photodegradation efficiency of HKUST-102 thin film may due to the absence of anatase TiO2 on the surface of thin film, trapped guest molecules in HKUST-1 cavities and uneven distribution of HKUST-1 on the thin film. Besides, terminating species at the surface of HKUST-1 might be dominated by the BTC3t"h at gives rise to the negative surfaceo f HKUST-1T. his repels MO molecules and therefore hindered the reaction between thin film and MO molecules.

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Keyword: High electron-hole,photocatalytic, Duran glass tube
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