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Aini Janteng and Suzeini Abdul Halim (2010) Class with negative coefficients and convex with respect to symmetric points. International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences, 5 (38). pp. 1861-1866. ISSN 1312-7586 (P-ISSN) , 1314-7544 (E-ISSN)

Aini Janteng and Suzeini Abdul Halim (2013) Properties of harmonic functions which are convex of order β with respect to conjugate points. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 1 (21). pp. 1031-1039. ISSN 1312-8876

Aini Janteng and Suzeini Abdul Halim (2007) A subclass of harmonic meromorphic functions. International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences, 2. pp. 1167-1174. ISSN 1312-7586

Aini Janteng and Suzeini Abdul Halim and Maslina Darus (2006) Fekete-Szegӧ problem for certain subclass of quasi-convex functions. International Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Sciences, 1. pp. 45-51. ISSN 1312-7586

Alixson Polumpung and Lorita Angeline and Helen Sin Ee Chuo and Tan, Min Keng and Lim, Kit Guan and Teo, Kenneth Tze Kin and UNSPECIFIED (2022) Computing non-contactable drowsiness monitoring system with mobile machine vision. In: 2022 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Engineering and Technology (IICAIET), 13-15 September 2022, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Alley Emison and Connie Shin @ Connie Cassy Ompok and Jusiah Idang and Musirin Mosin (2023) Keberkesanan modul pendekatan projek menggunakan ecocampus UMS untuk pencapaian matematik awal kanak-kanak tadika. Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (MJSSH), 8. pp. 1-20. ISSN 2504-8562

Amin Ziaei and Hamed KharratI and Mina Salim and Ali Farzamnia (2021) Offline neural network based fault tolerant control for vertical tail damaged aircraft.


Bouazza, Z and Souid, M. S. and Che Haziqah Che Hussin and Arif Mandangan and Sabit, S. (2023) Variable-order Implicit Fractional Differential Equations based on the Kuratowski MNC Technique. Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 17. pp. 305-332. ISSN 1823-8343


Chew, Jackel Vui Lung and Jumat Sulaiman and Andang Sunarto (2021) The application of successive overrelaxation method for the solution of linearized half-sweep finite difference approximation to two-dimensional porous medium equation.

Chew, Jackel Vui Lung and Jumat Sulaiman and Fatihah Anas Muhiddin (2021) Numerical evaluation on the solution of the porous medium equation by 4-point newton-explicit group. International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, 16. pp. 1487-1496. ISSN 1814-0432

Chew Lai Wah and Aini Janteng and Suzeini Abdul Halim (2021) Quasi-Convex Functions with Respect to Symmetric Conjugate Points. International Journal of Algebra, 6 (3). pp. 117-122. ISSN 1312-8868 (P-ISSN) , 1314-7595 (E-ISSN)

Chin, Sporty, Kin Eng and Crispina Gregory K Han Crispina Gregory K Han and Vincent Pang and Lay, Yoon Fah and Denis Lajium (2009) Students' Attitudes To Learning Mathematics With Technology In Rural Schools In Sabah. (Submitted)

Connie Cassy Ompok and Alley Emison (2021) Permainan matematik untuk kanak-Kanak prasekolah. Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (MJSSH), 6. pp. 181-189. ISSN 25048562

Connie Cassy Ompok and Ling Mei Teng and Jaini Sapirai (2021) Effect of games towards children’s mathematics Performance. Southeast Asia Early Childhood Journal, 10. pp. 1-17. ISSN 22893156

Connie Shin @ Connie Cassy Ompok (2015) Kesan penggunaan kaedah permainan, buku nombor dan lembaran kerja terhadap pencapaian awal Matematik dalam kalangan kanak-kanak prasekolah kebangsaan. Doctoral thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Connie Voo Min Jun and Mohd Ashari Bakri (2023) Predicting the intention to adopt mobile payment during the COVID-19 pandemic: applying the theory of planned behavior. Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior. pp. 1-14.


F A Musli and Jumat Sulaiman and Azali Saudi (2021) Numerical simulations of agent navigation via half-sweep modified two-parameter over-relaxation (HSMTOR).

Faiz Zaki and Firdaus Afifi and Shukor Abd Razak and Abdullah Gani and Nor Badrul Anuar (2022) GRAIN: Granular multi-label encrypted traffic classification using classifier chain. Computer Networks, 213. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1389-1286

Fouziah Md Yassin and Muhammad Shadli Latip and Saturi Baco and Afishah Alias and Ag Asri Ag Ibrahim (2021) Facial Expression Effect on Signal Quality and the Attention Level of Mind wave. Transactions on Science and Technology, 8 (3-3). pp. 533-538. ISSN 2289-8786

Fu, Sai Hoe (2019) Reconnecting learning in numeracy remedial class : A multiple exploratory case study of mathematics primary teachers in teaching at-risk dyscalculic pupils. Doctoral thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.


Haviluddin Haviluddin and Muhammad Iqbal and Gubtha Mahendra Putra and Novianti Puspitasari and Hario Jati Setyadi and Felix Andika Dwiyanto and Aji Prasetya Wibawa and Rayner Alfred (2021) A performance comparison of euclidean, manhattan and minkowski distances in k-means clustering.

Helen Sin Ee Chuo and Min Keng Tan and Bih Lii Chua and Renee Ka Yin Chin and Kenneth Tze Kin Teo (2017) Computation of cell transmission model for congestion and recovery traffic flow.

Huadong Wang and Yunhong Xu and Rini Suryati Sulong and HuiLing Ma and Lifeng Wu (2021) Comprehensive evaluation of water carrying capacity in Hebei Province, China on principal component analysis. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 9. pp. 1-9. ISSN 2296-665X


J. V. L. Chew and Jumat Sulaiman and A. Sunarto and J. Pradeepkandhasamy (2022) Application and efficiency evaluation of 4-point newton explicit group to solve 2d porous medium equation. International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, 17. pp. 499-500. ISSN 1814-0432

Jason Lowell Jitolis and Awang Nasrizal Awang Ali and Ismail Saad and Nazaruddin Abdul Taha and Juferi Idris and Nurmin Bolong (2021) Utilization of response surface methodology and regression model in optimizing bioretention performance.

Jupri Basari and Siew Nyet Moi @ Sopiah Abdullah (2022) Pembangunan Instrumen Ujian Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi Untuk Fungsi Kuadratik Dalam Matematik Tambahan Sekolah Menengah. International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counselling (IJEPC), 7. pp. 640-656. ISSN 0128-164X


Kin, Wai Lee and Ka, Renee Yin Chin (2021) An adaptive data processing framework for cost- effective covid-19 and pneumonia detection.

Kit, Guan Lim and Daniel Siruno and Min, Keng Tan and Chung, Fan Liau and Sha, Huang and Tze, Kenneth Kin Teo (2021) Mobile machine vision for railway surveillance system using deep learning algorithm.

Kit, Guan Lim and Ke Wen Teh, Wen Teh and Min, Keng Tan and Herwansyah Lago and Soo, Siang Yang and Tze, Kenneth Kin Teo (2021) Enhanced multi-hop mechanism in vehicular communication system using swarm algorithm.

Kit Guan Lim, Guan Lim and Yoong Hean Lee, Hean Lee and Min Keng Tan, Keng Tan and Hou, Pin Yoong and Tienlei, Wang and Tze, Kenneth Kin Teo (2021) Adaptive route optimization for mobile robot navigation using evolutionary algorithm.


L. H. Ali and Jumat Sulaiman and M.M. Xu and Azali Saudi (2022) Half-sweep Newton-SOR iteration with quadrature scheme to solve nonlinear Fredholm integral equations.

Laura Sitin and Aini Janteng (2008) Coefficient properties for the subclasses of convex functions with respect to other points. International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 2 (19). pp. 947-954. ISSN 1312-8876

Li Jingyi and Fumitaka Furuoka and Beatrice Lim and Khairul Hanim Pazim (2021) Examining the impact of shocks to tourist arrivals in ASEAN countries by using nonlinear methods².

Libao, Yang and Suzelawati Zenian and Rozaimi Zakaria (2021) Fuzzy image enhancement based on algebraic function and cycloid arc length.

Libao Yang and Suzelawati Zenian (2022) An image enhancement method using nonlinear function. International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Research (IJEER), 10. pp. 958-962.


Mariani John D. Sibatu @ Marylyn and Siew Nyet Moi @ Sopiah Abdullah (2023) Kesan penggunaan mnemonik “siasat” berbantukan jadual pendaraban indeks dan pembelajaran koperatif terhadap pencapaian matematik pelajar berpencapaian rendah. International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counselling (IJEPC), 8. pp. 177-190.

Min, Keng Tan and Kit, Guan Lim and Norman Lim and Soo, Siang Yang and Nurul Izyan Kamaruddin and Tze, Kenneth Kin Teo (2021) Optimization of photovoltaic energy harvesting using artificial neural network.

Ming-Ming Xu and Jumat Sulaiman and Labiyana Hanif Ali (2021) Linear rational finite difference approximation for second-order linear fredholm integro-differential equations using the half-sweep SOR iterative method. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 69. pp. 136-143. ISSN 22315381, 23490918

Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Hijazi and Chuntao Jiang and Frans Coenen and Yalin Zheng (2011) Image Classification for Age-related Macular Degeneration Screening Using Hierarchical Image Decompositions and Graph Mining. In: Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, September 5-9, 2011, European Conference, ECML PKDD 2011, Athens, Greece.

Mohd Norfadli Suardi and Jumat Sulaiman (2022) Solution of the established Redlich–Kister finite difference for two-point boundary value problems using 4EGMKSOR method.

Muzaffar Hamzah and Md. Monirul Islam and Shahriar Hassan and Md. Nasim Akhtar and Most. Jannatul Ferdous and Muhammed Basheer Jasser and Ali Wagdy Mohamed (2023) Distributed Control of Cyber Physical System on Various Domains: A Critical Review. Systems, 11.


Nie Hui Ling and Chwen Jen Chen and Chee Siong Teh and Dexter Sigan John and Looi Chin Ch’ng and Yoon Fah Lay (2023) Global trends of educational data mining in online learning. International Journal of Technology in Education, 6 (4). pp. 1-26.

Nizam Nordin (2022) A pond-surface-based Biofloc-farm health-monitoring system for African catfish using deep learning methods. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Nur Hasshima Hasbi and Abdullah Bade and Chee Fuei Pien (2021) Pattern recognition for ultraviolet and fourier transform data: A walkthrough of techniques and direction.


Rayner Tangkui and Tan, Choon Keong (2021) The effects of digital game-based learning using Minecraft towards pupils’ achievement in fraction. International Journal on E-Learning Practices (IJELP), 4. pp. 76-91. ISSN 2289-4926

Renita Astri and Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Mohd Rus and Suaini Sura (2022) Coffee shop recommendation system using an item-based collaborative filtering approach. In: 2022 International Symposium on Information Technology and Digital Innovation (ISITDI), 27-28 July 2022, Padang, Indonesia.


Sook, Ching Kok and Qaiser Munir (2021) The interaction between gold price and FTSE KLCI price in Malaysia.

Suci Yuniarti (2014) Mathematical beliefs and mathematics anxiety among pre service elementary school teachers in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Sumari Putra and Azleena Kassim and Song-Quan Ong and Gomesh Nair and Ragheed Duraid Al Dabbagh and Duraid Yaseen and Nur Farihah Aminuddin (2022) Classification of jackfruit and cempedak using convolutional neural network and transfer learning. IAES International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJ-AI), 11. pp. 1353-1361. ISSN 2252-8938

Suriana Lasaraiya and Johannah Jamalul Kiram and Nurliyana Juhan and Muhamad Azlan Daud (2021) Effectiveness of problem-based learning approach in mathematics subject among lower secondary students of SMK Usukan, Kota Belud, Sabah. International STEM Journal, 2. pp. 26-35.

Suzelawati Zenian (2023) Application of Intuitionistic Type-2 Fuzzy Set on Flat EEG Image. Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Statistics 2022 (ICMSS 2022). pp. 1-8. ISSN 2352-538X


Teo, Kenneth Tze Kin and Yeo, Kiam Beng and Tan, Shee Eng and Siew, Zhan Wei and Lim, Kit Guan (2014) Design and development of portable fuzzy logic based traffic optimizer.


Zhongyin Zhao and Ng, Giap Weng and Sabariah Sharif (2023) The intelligence between the influence of AR technical ideological and political courses on the different characteristics of college students. Journal of Autonomous Intelligence, 6. pp. 1-11.

Zykamilia Kamin and Awang Bono and ‪Mohd Hardyianto Vai Bahrun (2021) Applicability of linear driving force (LDF) mass transfer model for heavy metal biosorption in packed bed column.

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