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Academic Exercise

Tan, Teik (2007) Pengekstrakan dan perincirian sebatian humik dalam tanah. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Amutha Manian (2007) Phytochemical and biological studies on Fissistigma Manubriatum. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Syamsul Qamar Wahirudin (2005) Preparation and characterization of poly (hydroxamic acid) chelating resin. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Danny Pett (2005) Penjerapan pewarna Malachite green oxalate dan Naphthol blue black oleh serabut petola. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Mohd Nurhadi Hamsar (2007) Kajian fitokimia dan aktiviti antimikrob oleh minyak pati Morinda citrifolia ke atas mikrob penyebab penyakit pada sistem pencernaan. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Nedick Anak Apat (2004) Penyaringan fitokimia dan aktiviti biologi ke atas tumbuhan ubatan tradisional. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)


Rahman, Md Lutfor and Jahimin Asik @ Abd. Rashid and Kumar, Sandeep P. and Tschierske, Carsten (2008) Liquid crystalline banana-shaped monomers derived from 2,7-naphthalene: Synthesis and properties. Liquid Crystals, 35 (11). pp. 1263-1270. ISSN 0267-8292

Takahiro, Ishii and Zhan, Zhaoqi and Charles Santhanaraju Vairappan (2010) A new cembrane diterpene from the Bornean soft coral Nephthea sp. Molecules, 15 (6). pp. 3857-3862. ISSN 1420-3049

Farm, Yan Yan and Krishnaiah, Duduku and Mariani Rajin and Awang Bono (2009) Cellulose extraction from palm kernel cake using liquid phase oxidation. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 4 (1). pp. 57-68. ISSN 1823-4690

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Teppei, Kawahara and Yasuhiro, Kumaki and Takashi, Kamada and Takahiro, Ishii and Tatsufumi, Okino (2009) Absolute configuration of chlorosulfolipids from the chrysophyta Ochromonas danica. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 74 (16). pp. 6016-6024. ISSN 0022-3263

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Rosalam Sarbatly (2007) The simultineous enzymatic hydrolysis of tapioca starch for instant formation of glucose. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7 (15). pp. 2057-2062. ISSN 1812-5654

Rosalam Sarbatly and Krishnaiah, Duduku and England, Richard (2007) Continuous recycle enzymatic membrane reactor system for In-situ production of pure and sterile glucose solution. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7 (15). pp. 2063-2068. ISSN 1812-5654

Lee, Jau Shya and Ramamurti, N. Kumar and Rozman H. D. and B. M. N. M. Azemi (2005) Pasting, swelling and solubility properties of UV initiated starch-graft-poly(AA). Food Chemistry, 91 (2). pp. 203-211. ISSN 0308-8146

Hasmadi Mamat and Mamot Said and Radzuan Jamaludin (2005) Physicochemical characteristics of palm oil and sunflower oil blends fractionated at different temperatures. Food Chemistry, 91 (4). pp. 731-736. ISSN 0308-8146

A. A. Salisu and M. Z. Ab. Rahman and S. Silong and Md Lutfor Rahman and M. Ahmad (2011) Calamitic bisazobenzene liquid crystal series: synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 1-methoxyalkyloxy-4 '-(4-phenylazo)azobenzene. Liquid Crystals, 38 (4). pp. 423-431. ISSN 0267-8292

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Rahman, Md Lutfor and Kumar, Sandeep P. and Tschierske, Carsten and Israel, Gunter and Ster, Diana and Hegde, Gurumurthy (2009) Synthesis and photoswitching properties of bent-shaped liquid crystals containing azobenzene monomers. Liquid Crystals, 36 (4). pp. 397-407. ISSN 0267-8292

Collin Glen Joseph Anthony and Awang Bono and Krishnaiah, Duduku and Soon, Kok Onn (2007) Sorption studies of methylene blue dye in aqueous solution by optimised carbon prepared from guava seeds (Psidium guajava L.). Materials Science-Medziagotyra, 13 (1). pp. 83-87. ISSN 1392-1320

Saw, Horng Yuan and Phang, Hooi Kim and Jidon @ Adrian Janaun (2011) Bulk properties of palm kernel cake for solid-state fermentation. Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering. ISSN 1932-2135

Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Ibrahim and Norhidaya A. Zakaria and Coswald Stephen Sipaut @ Mohd Nasri and Othman O. Sulaiman and Rokiah Hashim (2011) Chemical and thermal properties of lignins from oil palm biomass as a substitute for phenol in a phenol formaldehyde resin production. Carbohydrate Polymers, 86 (1). pp. 112-119. ISSN 0144-8617

Ishii, Takahiro and Matsuura, Hiroshi and Kaya, Kunimitsu and Charles Santhanaraju Vairappan (2011) A new bisabolane-type sesquiterpenoid from Curcuma domestica. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 39 (4-6). pp. 864-867. ISSN 0305-1978

Charles Santhanaraju Vairappan and Nagappan, Thilahgavani and Palaniveloo, Krishneth (2012) Essential oil composition, cytotoxic and antibacterial activities of five Elingera species from Borneo. Natural Product Communications, 7 (2). pp. 239-242. ISSN 1555-9475

Farrawati Sabli and Maryati Mohamed, Datin and Asmah Rahmat and Halijah A. Ibrahim and Mohd Fadzelly Abu Bakar (2012) Antioxidant properties of selected Etlingera and Zingiber species (Zingiberaceae) from Borneo island. International Journal of Biological Chemistry, 6 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1819-155X

Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee and Cheong, Bo Eng and Taslima, Khanam and Hossain Kausar and Md. Mainul Hasan (2012) Separation and identification of volatile compounds from liquid cultures of trichoderma harzianum by GC-MS using three different capillary columns. Journal of Chromatographic Science, 50 (4). pp. 358-367. ISSN 0021-9665

Ahmad Mukifza Harun and Nor Farid Mohd Noor and Awatief Zaid and Mohamad Ezany Yusoff and Ramizu Shaari and Nor Dalila Nor Affandi and Fatirah Fadil and Mohd Azizi Abdul Rahman and Mohammad Khursheed Alam (2021) The antimicrobial properties of nanotitania extract and its role in inhibiting the growth of klebsiella pneumonia and haemophilus influenza. Antibiotics, 10. pp. 1-11. ISSN 2079-6382

Akmal Alif Awang Mali and Zuhair Jamain (2023) Synthesis and Characterization of Non-mesogenic Behavior of Chalcone Derivatives. Malaysian Journal of Chemistry, 25. pp. 158-168.

Azreen Ibrahim and Rosalam Sarbatly (2012) Effects of Modifier Polarity on Extraction of Limonene from Citrus Sinensis L.Osbeck Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide. Malaysian Journal of Fundamental & Applied Sciences, 8 (2). pp. 115-120. ISSN 2289-599X

Bilal Ibrahim Dan-Iya and Abuzar Khan and Mohd Yunus Abd Shukor and Mohd Khalizan Sabullah and Noor Azlina Masdor (2023) Zero-valent iron nanoparticles for environmental Hg (II) removal: a review. PeerJ. pp. 1-39. ISSN 2167-8359

Flornica Alca Ahing and Newati Wid (2016) Optimization of shrimp shell waste deacetylation for chitosan production. International Journal of Advanced And Applied Sciences (IJAAS), 3. pp. 31-36. ISSN 2313-626X (P-ISSN) , 2313-3724 (E-ISSN)

Gan Jet Hong Melvin and Zhipeng Wang and Shingo Morimoto and Masatsugu Fujishige and Kenji Takeuchi and Yoshio Hashimoto and Morinobu Endo (2019) Graphite whiskers derived from waste coffee grounds treated at high temperature. Global Challenges, 3. pp. 1-4. ISSN 2056-6646

Lith Kareem Obeas and Alwaleed khalid Ghalib and G. AbdulKareem-Alsultan and Nurul Asikin-Mijan and Robiah Yunus and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2022) Highly thermal stable catalyst for deoxygenation jatropha oil under free hydrogen and solvent for hydrocarbons like diesel fuel with highly thermal flow properties. European Chemical Bulletin, 11. pp. 93-103. ISSN 2063-5346

Mohd Fadhil Rahman and Siti Aqlima Ahmad and Mohd Rosni Sulaiman and Mohd Shukri Shukor and Azlan Jualang Gansau and Nor Aripin Shamaan and Mohd Yunus Shukor (2017) Isolation and characterization of a molybdenum-reducing and phenolic- and catechol-degrading Enterobacter sp. Strain saw-2. BIOTROPIA, 24 (1). pp. 47-58. ISSN 1907-770x

Nur Atika Waldin and Zuhair Jamain (2023) The Effect of Alkyl Terminal Chain Length of Schiff-Based Cyclotriphosphazene Derivatives towards Epoxy Resins on Flame Retardancy and Mechanical Properties. Polymers, 15. pp. 1-17.

P. R. Khan and G. R. Alugubelli and R. Sireesha and K. Deepti and Pasupuleti Visweswara Rao and M. V. B. Rao (2021) Domino multicomponent intramolecular cyclization strategy for the multi functionalized Imidazo[1,2-a]pyrimidin-5(1h)-one derivatives. Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 91. pp. 1123-1127. ISSN 1070-3632 (P-ISSN) , 1608-3350 (E-ISSN)

S. B. M. Najib and K. S. N. Kamaruddin and N. M. Rashid and N. Ibrahim and M. N. M. Sokri and N. Zaini and N. Nordin (2022) The effect of mdea/amp and span-80 in water-in-oil (w/o) emulsion for carbon dioxide absorption. J. Applied Membrane Science & Technology, 26 (2). pp. 1-11.

Zykamilia Kamin and N. Ramon and Mailin Misson and Chiam, Chel Ken and Rosalam Sarbatly and Duduku Krishnaiah and Awang Bono (2019) Synthesis of GMA/EDMA uniform pores monolith using melt blown polypropylene nanofibers templates. Journal of Applied Membrane Science & Technology, 23. pp. 65-74. ISSN 2600-9226

Chapter In Book

Shafiquzzaman Siddiquee and Anwar Samsidar (2019) Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) Biosensors for Determination of Carbamate Pesticides.

Conference or Workshop Item

Hegde, Gurumurthy and Rahman, Md Lutfor and Chigrinov, Vladimir G. and H., S. Kwok (2008) Photoisomeriation studies on disc shaped azo dyes: Characteristic properties and applications. In: 15th International Display Workshops (IDW '08), 3-5 December 2008, Niigata, Japan.

L., P. Dabbi and P. , Ramasamy (2006) Effect of a 3-month Metroxylon sagu containing polyphenol antioxidant intervention on the antioxidant enzymes status in mice exposed to cigarette smoke. In: 13th Biennial Meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research International, 15-19 August 2006 , Davos, Switzerland.

Norazlina, M.R and Hasmadi, M. and Jahurul, M.H.A (2022) Fatty acid, triacylglycerol compositions, and crystalline structure of bambangan (mangifera pajang) seed fat extracted using different solvent. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION 2022 ” Future Food: Emerging Trends, Health and Diversity”, 24th-25th August 2022., Online.


Edelisa Jenny Radius and Chong, Khim Phin and Yap, Yun Fook and Jupikely James Silip and Januarius Gobilik (2021) Humic acid and indigenous microbe treatments for better yield of pak choy grown in dairy farm effluent compost.


Laura Peter Dabbi (2007) Antioxidant activities of Metroxylon sagu extract and its therapeutic effects on cigarette smoke exposed mice. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Jahimin Asik @ Abd. Rashid (2011) Selulosa terlarut daripada kayu keras di Sabah, Malaysia sebagai elektrolit polimer pepejal. Doctoral thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Tan, Boon Teong (2010) Synthesis And Characterisation Of Poly(Hydroxamic Acid And Amidoxime) Grafted Sago Starch Cheating Resin For Extraction Of Some Metal Ions. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

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