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A T Nazaruddin and M S Shakri and M A Ladin and M A Hafez (2022) Strength and consolidation index parameters of stabilise clay soil using scrap rubber tyre.

Ag Sufiyan Abd Hamid (2022) Pembangunan dan pengujian sistem pengering terbantu suria berskala besar untuk serat kenaf di Chuping Perlis. Post-Doctoral thesis, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Ag Sufiyan Abd Hamid and A. Ibrahim and K. Sopian (2021) Design and development of solar dryer for kenaf fiber at chuping Malaysia.

Alok K. Paul and Chooi, Ling Lim and Md. Aminul Islam Apu and Karma G. Dolma and Madhu Gupta and Maria de Lourdes Pereira and Polrat Wilairatana and Mohammed Rahmatullah and Christophe Patrice Andie Wiart and Veeranoot Nissapatorn (2023) Are Fermented Foods Effective against Inflammatory Diseases? International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20. pp. 1-17.

Andrew Lim and Abdul Karim Mirasa and Hidayati Asrah and Xiaoping Tian (2022) Maximizing volume of Spent Bleaching Earth Ash (SBEA) pozzolan used as cement replacement in mortar through mechanical activation. Jurnal Teknologi, 85 (5). pp. 105-116. ISSN 2180-3722

Arivananthan Kanakasundar and Nurzafirah Mazlan and Ruzaina Ishak (2023) Trametes elegans: Sources and Potential Medicinal and Food Applications. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 19. pp. 348-353.

Aulia Chintia Ambarita and Sri Mulyati and Nasrul Arahman and Muhammad Roil Bilad and Norazanita Shamsuddin and Noor Maizura Ismail (2021) Improvement of Properties and Performances of Polyether sulfone Ultrafiltration Membrane by Blending with Bio-Based Dragonbloodin Resin. Polymers, 13. pp. 1-13. ISSN 2073-4360


Chen-lin soo and Yii-Siang Hii (2021) Nutrient enrichment in alginate bead for enhancement of cell growth and ammonium removal by alginate immobilized Nannochloropsis sp. Sains Malaysiana, 50. pp. 691-697. ISSN 01266039

Chong, Eric Tzyy Jiann and Goh, Lucky Poh Wah and Mariam Abd. Latip and Zaleha A. Aziz and Loumi @ Noumie Surugau and Lee, Ping Chin (2021) Genetic diversity of upland traditional rice varieties in Malaysian Borneo based on mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase 3 gene analysis. AIMS Agriculture and Food, 6. pp. 235-246. ISSN 2471-2086


D. N. A. Wahid and Roslina Jawan and Wan Fahmi Wan Mohamad Nazarie and Jualang @Azlan Abdullah Gansau and Mohd Khalizan Sabullah (2021) Comparison of macro, trace and ultra-trace minerals contents of kelulut honey (heterotrigona itama sp) from West Coast of Sabah.

Decklary Jawing and Syahriadi Syahril and Mohd Hardyianto Vai Bahrun and Rachel Fran Mansa (2021) Palm kernel shell activated carbon for lead and methylene blue removal. Transactions on Science and Technology, 8 (2). pp. 290-304. ISSN 2289-8786


E. L. Hanry and Noumie Surugau (2021) Physical and mechanical properties of biodegradable films developed from alginate extract of wild seaweed Padina sp.

Eunice Lua Hanry and Noumie Surugau (2023) Characterization of bioplastics developed from whole seaweed biomass (Kappaphycus sp.) added with commercial sodium alginate. Research Square. pp. 1-14. ISSN 2693-5015


Faris A. J. Al-Doghachi and Diyar M. A. Murad and Huda S. Al-Niaeem and Salam H. H. Al-Jaberi and Surahim Mohamad and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) High Active Co/Mg1-xCex3+O Catalyst: Effects of Metal-Support Promoter Interactions on CO2 Reforming of CH4 Reaction. Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, 16. pp. 97-110. ISSN 1978-2993

Fitriani Fitriani and Sri Aprilia and Muhammad Roil Bilad and Nasrul Arahman and Anwar Usman and Nurul Huda and Rovina Kobun (2022) Optimization of Biocomposite Film Based on Whey Protein Isolate and Nanocrystalline Cellulose from Pineapple Crown Leaf Using Response Surface Methodology. Polymers, 14 (3006). pp. 1-18. ISSN 2073-4360


G. AbdulKareem-Alsultan and N. Asikin-Mijan and Laith K. Obeas and Robiah Yunus and Siti Zulaika Razali and Aminul Islam and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) In-situ operando and ex-situ study on light hydrocarbon-like-diesel and catalyst deactivation kinetic and mechanism study during deoxygenation of sludge oil. Chemical Engineering Journal, 429. ISSN 1385-8947


Hui, Ling Lau and Junidah Lamaming and Owolabi Folahan Abdulwahab Taiwo and Mohana Baskaran and Rokiah Hashim and Othman Sulaiman and Paramasivam Murugan (2021) Synergistic influence of flame retardant additives and citric acid on the functional properties of rice husk/wood blended particleboards. Maderas: Ciencia y Tecnologia, 23. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0717-3644 (P-ISSN) , 0718-221X (E-ISSN)


I. Nur Azreena and H.L.N. Lau and N. Asikin-Mijan and M.A. Hassan and Saiman Mohd Izham and E. Kennedy and M. Stockenhuber and M.S. Mastuli and Fahad A. Alharthi and Abdulaziz Ali Alghamdi and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) A promoter effect on hydrodeoxygenation reactions of oleic acid by zeolite beta catalysts. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 155 (105044). pp. 1-12. ISSN 0165-2370


Kai, Sing Liow and Coswald Stephen Sipaut @ Mohd Nasri and Rachel Fran Mansa and Mee, Ching Ung and Shamsi Ebrahimi (2022) Effect of PEG Molecular Weight on the Polyurethane-Based Quasi-Solid-State Electrolyte for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Polymers, 14 (3603). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2073-4360

Koh, Wee Yin and Xiao, Xian Lim and Thuan, Chew Tan and Sapina Abdullah (2021) Characterization of Probiotics from Water Kefir Grains. Transactions on Science and Technology, 8 (4). pp. 667-672. ISSN 2289-8786


L.L. Wong and Hidayati Asrah and M.E. Rahman and M.A. Mannan (2013) Effects of Aggressive Ammonium Nitrate on Durability Properties of Concrete using Sandstone and Granite Aggregates. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 73. pp. 1107-1111. ISSN 2010-3778


M. R. Khirham and A. Supee and R. Md Kasmani and N. Mohamed Rashid and A. Sidek and N. B. Haladin and Zainal bin Zakaria (2021) Simulation of Erosion Rate in a Reducer for Liquid Solid Flow System using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Applications of Modelling and Simulation, 5. pp. 156-165. ISSN 2600-8084

M. Safa-Gamal and N. Asikin-Mijan and Mahashanon Arumugam and Wan Nor Adira Wan Khalit and I. Nur Azreena and Fatma S. Hafez and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) Catalytic deoxygenation by H2-free single-step conversion of free fatty acid feedstock over a Co-Ag carbon-based catalyst for green diesel production. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 160 (105334). pp. 1-14. ISSN 0165-2370

M.S.N. Atikah and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin and R.A. Ilyas and Razif Harun (2021) Optimization of Algae Residues Gasification: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches. In: 9th Conference on Emerging Energy & Process Technology 2021 (CONCEPT 2021), 24-25 November 2021, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Md Jahurul Haque Akanda and S. S. Nee and Norazlina M. R. and Hasmadi Mamat and Sharifudin Md. Shaarani and Patricia @ Patricia Clementina Matanjun and Lee, Jau Shya and A. Shihabul and Amir Husni Mohd Shariff and Jumardi Roslan and Noorakmar Ab. Wahab and Norliza Julmohammad (2020) Changes in microstructures of rambutan seed and the quality of its fat during drying. SN Applied Sciences, 2 (841). ISSN 2523-3971

Md Lutfor Rahman and Zhi, Jian Wong and Mohd Sani Sarjadi and Mohd Harun Abdullah and Heffernan, Maria A. and Md Shaheen Sarkar and O'Reilly, Emmet (2021) Poly(hydroxamic acid) ligand from palm-based waste materials for removal of heavy metals from electroplating wastewater. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 138 (49671). ISSN 0021-8995

Megat Muhammad Ikhsan Megat Hasnan and Lim, G. P. and N. Nayan and Soon, C. F. and A. A. Abd Halim and M. K. Ahmad and S. M. Said and M. S. Mohamed Ali and I. M. Noor (2022) The investigation of chlorpyrifos (Cpy) detection of PEDOT:PSS-MXene(Ti2CTX)-BSA-GO composite using P-ISFET reduction method. Polymer Bulletin. pp. 1-22. ISSN 0170-0839

Mohamad Adib Syahmi Latif and Fazilah Ariffin and Rudiyanto and Shahrul Ismail and Noorazrimi Umor and Abu Zahrim Yaser and Zaharah Ibrahim (2021) Decolorization of synthetic azo dyes under anaerobic condition in a continuous stirred tank reactor. Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, 15 (2). pp. 658-666. ISSN 0973-7510 (P-ISSN) , 2581-690X (E-ISSN)

Mohd Al Mussa Ugak and Abu Zahrim Yaser and Junidah Lamaming and Ernest Kelly Subin and Mariani Rajin and Sariah Saalah and Wong, Hock Tze @ Farrah Wong and Sariah Abang (2022) Comparative study on passive aerated in-vessel composting of food wastes with the addition of Sabah ragi. Carbon Resources Conversion, 5. pp. 200-210. ISSN 2588-9133

Mohd Azri Mohd Nor (2022) Treatment of stabilised landfill leachate using bio-coagulant azadirachta indica. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Mohd Fahmie Izzudin Sharudin (2022) Characteristic of peat soil stabilized with NaOH as chemical additives under compaction conditions. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Mohd Razali Shamsuddin and Nurul Asikin-Mijan and Tengku Sharifah Marliza and Manabu Miyamoto and Shigeyuki Uemiya and Mohd Ambar Yarmo and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) Promoting dry reforming of methaneviabifunctional NiO/dolomite catalysts for production of hydrogen-rich syngas. RSC Advances, 11. pp. 6667-6681. ISSN 2046-2069

Mohd Sufri Mastuli and Norlida Kamarulzaman and Muhd Firdaus Kasim and Annie Maria Mahat and Yukihiko Matsumura and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2019) Catalytic supercritical water gasification of oil palm frond biomass using nanosized MgO doped Zn catalysts. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 154. ISSN 0896-8446

Mohd Sukhairi Mat Rasat and Mohamad Faiz Mohd Amin and Razak Wahab and Muhammad Iqbal Ahmad and An’amt Mohamed Noor and Ag Ahmad Mohd Yunus and Janshah Moktar (2022) Effect of Torrefaction Process on Crystallinity Index Properties of Empty Fruit Bunch’s Biochar. Agriculture Reports, 1. pp. 8-11. ISSN 2948-4138

Mohd. Zuhir H and Ismail Saad and Nurmin Bolong (2021) Enhanced Performance of Electrospun PVP:PC71BM Nanofiber for Organic Solar Cells. In: 2020 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Engineering and Technology (IICAIET), 20 November 2020, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Monjia Belleza Cosmas Mojulat and Noumie Surugau (2017) Comparison of Antioxidant Properties in Juiced and Brewed Carica Papaya Leaves Extracts. Transactions on Science and Technology, 4 (3). pp. 1-7.


N. Asikin-Mijan and G. AbdulKareem-Alsultan and M.S. Mastuli and A. Salmiaton and Mohamad Azuwa Mohamed and H.V. Lee and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2022) Single-step catalytic deoxygenation-cracking of tung oil to bio-jet fuel over CoW/silica-alumina catalysts. Fuel, 325. pp. 1-13. ISSN 0016-2361

N.M. Nurul Suziana and N. Asikin-Mijan and Z. Zulkarnain and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) Catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of empty fruit bunch in subcritical water over bimetallic modified zeolite. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 183. pp. 250-262. ISSN 0263-8762

Nazrein Adrian Amaludin and Robert Woolley and Celestine Ebieto and Adriana Erica Amaludin and Hassanel Zachary Amaludin (2022) Thermoacoustic analysis of premixed methane–hydrogen flames in open-ended tubes. Fuel, 325. pp. 1-8. ISSN 0016-2361

Ng Seong Wooi (2007) Analisis dan pencirian minyak pati aquilaria malaccensis, physalis minima, cymbopogon martini, cymbopogon nardus dan cymbopogen citratus. Universiti Malaysia Sabah. (Unpublished)

Nissha Bharrathi Romes and Roswanira Abdul Wahab and Mariani Abdul Hamid and Habeebat Adekilekun Oyewusi and Nurul Huda and Rovina Kobun (2021) Thermodynamic stability, in-vitro permeability, and in-silico molecular modeling of the optimal Elaeis guineensis leaves extract water-in-oil nanoemulsion. Scientific Reports, 11. pp. 1-19. ISSN 2045-2322

Noor Azira Abdul Razak and Nurul-Asikin Mijan and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin and Darfizzi Derawi (2022) Production of green diesel via hydrogen-free and solventless deoxygenation reaction of waste cooking oil. Journal of Cleaner Production, 366. pp. 1-16. ISSN 0959-6526

Nor Shafinaz Azman and Tengku Sharifah Marliza and Nurul Asikin Mijan and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin and Nozieana Khairuddin (2021) Production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil via deoxygenation using ni-mo/ac catalyst. Processes, 9 (750). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2227-9717

Noraidah Haini (2017) Nutritional composition, antioxidant activity and hypotensive effect of brown seaweed (Sargassum polycystum) enriched bread. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Norsahida Azri and Ramli Irmawati and Usman Idris Nda-Umar and Mohd Izham Saiman and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) Effect of different supports for copper as catalysts on glycerol hydrogenolysis to 1,2-propanediol. Journal of King Saud University - Science, 33. pp. 101417-101424. ISSN 1018-3647

Nur Azzanizawaty Yahya and Roswanira Abdul Wahab and Nursyafreena Attan and Mariani Abdul Hamid and Norhayati Mohamed Noor and Rovina Kobun (2022) Ananas comosus Peels Extract as a New Natural Cosmetic Ingredient: Oil-in-Water (O/W) Topical Nano Cream Stability and Safety Evaluation. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2022. pp. 1-9. ISSN 1741-4288

Nurul Atiqah Mohd Taip and Zuhair Jamain and Ismawati Palle (2022) Fire-Retardant Property of Hexasubstituted Cyclotriphosphazene Derivatives with Schiff Base Linking Unit Applied as an Additives in Polyurethane Coating for Wood Fabrication. Polymers, 14 (3768). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2073-4360

Nurul Farhana Nasir and Nurul Elyani Mohamad and Noorjahan Banu Alitheen (2022) Fermented black tea and its relationship with gut microbiota and obesity: A mini review. Fermentation, 8. pp. 1-16.


Rachasak Boonhok and Suthinee Sangkanu and Suganya Phumjan and Ramita Jongboonjua and Nawarat Sangnopparat and Pattamaporn Kwankaew and Aman Tedasen and Lim, Chooi Ling and Maria de Lourdes Pereira and Mohammed Rahmatullah and Polrat Wilairatana and Christophe Wiart and Karma G. Dolma and Alok K. Paul and Madhu Gupta and Veeranoot Nissapatorn (2022) Curcumin effect on Acanthamoeba triangularis encystation under nutrient starvation. Biochemistry, Biophysics And Molecular Biology, 10. pp. 1-27.

Rahmath Abdulla and Atifah Aqilah and Suraya Abdul Sani and Roslina Jawan and Mohd Khalizan Sabullah (2021) Preliminary study on bioethanol production from starchy foodwastes by immobilized saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Rajendra Kumar Nare and Sivalingam Ramesh and Praveen Kumar Basavi and Vijay Kakani and Chinna Bathula and Hemraj M.Yadav and Prakash Babu Dhanapal and Rama Krishna Reddy Kotanka and Pasupuleti Visweswara Rao (2022) Sonication‐supported synthesis of cobalt oxide assembled on an N‐MWCNT composite for electrochemical supercapacitors via three‐electrode configuration. Scientific Reports, 12 (1998). pp. 1-10. ISSN 2045-2322

Reva Edra Nugraha and Didik Prasetyoko and Hasliza Bahruji and Suprapto Suprapto and Nurul Asikin-Mijan and Titie Prapti Oetami and Aishah Abdul Jalil and Dai-Viet N. Vo and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) Lewis acid Ni/Al-MCM-41 catalysts for H2-free deoxygenation of Reutealis trispermaoil to biofuels. RSC Advances, 11. pp. 21885-21896. ISSN 2046-2069

Rosalam Sarbatly and Jamilah Sariau and Mohammad Fahim Inteser Alam (2021) Advances in nanofiber membrane.

Rubia Idris and William Woei Fong Chong and Atikah Ali and Sidah Idris and Wei Hsiang Tan and Rafidah Md Salim and Guo Ren Mong and Cheng Tung Chong (2021) Pyrolytic oil with aromatic-rich hydrocarbons via microwave-induced in-situ catalytic co-pyrolysis of empty fruit bunches with a waste truck tire. Energy Conversion and Management, 244. pp. 1-14. ISSN 0196-8904


Sim, Kheng Yuen (2010) Isolation, identification and characterization of microorganisms associated with Budu fermentation. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

S M Anisuzzaman and Nirwana Sinring and Rachel Fran Mansa (2021) Properties tuning of palm kernel shell biochar granular activated carbon using response surface methodology for removal of methylene blue. Journal of Applied Science & Process Engineering, 8. pp. 1002-1019. ISSN 2289-7771

S. A. Aleem and N. Asikin-Mijan and A. S. Hussain and C. H. Voon and A. Dolfi and S. Sivasangar and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) Catalytic ketonization of palmitic acid over a series of transition metal oxides supported on zirconia oxide-based catalysts. RSC Advances, 11. pp. 31972-31982. ISSN 2046-2069

S. M. Anisuzzaman and Collin G. Joseph and Fatin Nadiah Ismal (2023) Influence of Carrier Agents Concentrations and Inlet Temperature on the Physical Quality of Tomato Powder Produced by Spray Drying. Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology, 31. pp. 1379-1411. ISSN 0128-7680

S.N.K.Usri and Zuhair Jamain and Mohamad Zul Hilmey Makmud (2021) Synthesis and structural interpretation of 4-(alkoxy) benzoic acid derivatives as an important intermediate materials.

Saad A. D. Sifat and Anuva T. Trisha and Nurul Huda and Wahidu Zzaman and Norliza Julmohammad (2021) Response Surface Approach to Optimize the Conditions of Foam Mat Drying of Plum in relation to the Physical-Chemical and Antioxidant Properties of Plum Powder. International Journal of Food Science, 2021. pp. 1-16. ISSN 2314-5765

Sabrina Soloi and Azrad Usman (2021) Palm oil based water-resistant coating using pre-polymer method. Journal of Science and Technology, 13. pp. 1-7. ISSN 2229-8460 (P-ISSN) , 2600-7924 (E-ISSN)

Sabrina Zaidi and N. Asikin-Mijan and A.S. Hussain and Mohd Sufri Mastuli and Fahad A. Alharthi and Abdulaziz Ali Alghamdi and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) Facile synthesis of nanosized La/ZrO2 catalysts for ketonization of free fatty acid and biomass feedstocks. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 121. pp. 217-228. ISSN 1876-1070

Samantha Shiuan Erl Lee and Nurul Huda and Yetti Marlida and Eng, Keng Seow (2022) Effect of sonication temperature on physicochemical and functional properties of chicken egg white and duck egg white. Journal of Animal Health and Production. ISSN 2308-2801

Sara Vinothini Pannirselvam and Alex Walzico Robert and Chi, Huey Ng and Sariah Abang and Abu Zahrim Yaser and Jidon Janaun (2021) Oil Sorption Behavior of Natural Kapok Fiber as an Alternative to Commercial Synthetic Fiber. Transactions on Science and Technology, 8. pp. 604-610. ISSN 2259-8786

Siti Nur Hazwani Oslan and Joo, Shun Tan and Siti Nurbaya Oslan and Patricia @ Patricia Clementina Matanjun and Ruzaidi Azli Mohd Mokhtar and Rossita Shapawi and Nurul Huda (2021) Haematococcus pluvialis as a potential source of astaxanthin with diverse applications in industrial sectors: Current research and future directions. Molecules, 26. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1420-3049

Suhaini Mamat and Luqman Chuah Abdullah and Min Min Aung and Suraya Abdul Rashid and Mek Zah Salleh and Sariah Saalah and Emiliana Rose Jusoh and Marwah Rayung (2022) Synthesis and Characterization UV-Curable Waterborne Polyurethane Acrylate/Al₂O₃ Nanocomposite Coatings Derived from Jatropha Oil Polyol. Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 13 (193). pp. 1-22. ISSN 2069-5837

Sukhadeva S.Sukumar and Abu Hanifah Yusof and Muhamad Iqbal Aslam Abd Hafiz and Muhamad Razuhanafi Mat Yazid and Mohd Azizul Ladin and Mukhlis Nahriri Bastam (2023) Sustainable Cost Optimisation Measures for The Lifecycle of Tolled Highway Projects in Malaysia. Jurnal Kejuruteraan, 35. pp. 1-10.

Syarifah Fazilah Yuhari and Asmahani Awang and Mohd Azrul Abdul Rajak and Jedol Dayou (2021) Effect of heat treatment on the physical and structural properties of tellurite glass.


Teoh, Peik Lin and Jabi Tananak and Cheong, Bo Eng (2022) Optimization of a GC-MS method for the detection of bioactive compounds from the green peel of pomelo cultivar ‘PO52’. Borneo International Journal of Biotechnology (BIJB), 2. pp. 1-13.


Valerian Kong and Ng, Chi Huey and Jidon @ Adrian Janaun (2021) Effect of perforation geometry and tube diameter of vertical aerator from LAMB dryer on air distribution uniformity. Transactions on Science and Technology, 8 (3). pp. 445-450. ISSN 2289-8786


Wan Nor Adira Wan Khalit and N. Asikin-Mijan and Tengku Sharifah Marliza and M. Safa Gamal and Mohd Razali Shamsuddin and Mohd Izham Saiman and Yap, Taufiq Yun Hin (2021) Catalytic deoxygenation of waste cooking oil utilizing nickel oxide catalysts over various supports to produce renewable diesel fuel. Biomass and Bioenergy, 154 (106248). pp. 1-15. ISSN 0961-9534

Wan Rosmaria Wan Ahmad and Mohamad Hafiz Mamat and Ahmad Sabirin Zoolfakar and Zuraida Khusaimi and Nur Izzah Khirul Ashar and Norfarariyanti Parimon and N. Vasimalai and I. B. Shameem Banu and Mohamad Rusop Mahmood (2022) The properties of sonicated immersion grown hematite films at various annealing temperatures. Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering), 84 (6-2). pp. 85-93. ISSN 2180–3722

William Kasapila (2013) Food labelling in Malawi and Sabah, Malaysia : consumer, industry, and legislation perspectives. Doctoral thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Winnie Sinan Balan and Jidon Janaun and Chung, Chin Hing and Veroneka Semilin and Zhu, Zongyuan and Haywood, Stephanie K. and Touhami, Dalila and Chong, Khim Phin and Abu Zahrim Yaser and Lee, Ping Chin and Sharif H. Zein (2021) Esterification of residual palm oil using solid acid catalyst derived from rice husk. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 404 (124092). pp. 1-11. ISSN 0304-3894

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