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A Sunarto and Jumat Sulaiman and Chew, Jackel Vui Lung (2021) Performance of FSPAOR iteration for solving one-dimensional space-fractional diffusion equation.

Andang Sunarto and Jumat Sulaiman (2020) Application half-sweep preconditioned SOR method for solving time-fractional diffusion equations.

Abu Bakar Abd Rahman and Y.C. Liew and I. Rumaling and Chang, Jackson Hian Wui and Chee, Fuei Pien (2020) Automated waste management system.

A.F. R. Sabri and Hardawati Yahya (2020) Contribution of forest-based employment for community sustainable livelihood: cases of Kelawat and Tamparuli forest reserves, Sabah.

Ainol Azifa Mohd Faik and N.A. Saiffudin and Ag. M. S. Abu Bakar and Hartinie Marbawi (2020) DNA barcoding of labisia pumila (kacip fatimah) varieties.

A. E. Azzahra and C. Gabih and M. Sudin and Julius Kodoh and P. Liau and D. Salapan and S. Alfanso and Mandy Maid (2020) Early growth performance of terminalia subspathulata king in a spacing and fertiliser trial at segaliud lokan forest reserve Sandakan, Sabah.

A. Laosman and A.N. Norazman and C. Setepanus and V. Lodin and Melissa Sharmah Gilbert @ Jesuet and Ag. Ahmad Mohd. Yunus and Ismawati Palle (2020) Effect of nanoclay on the performance of particleboard made from mixed wood waste.

Ag Sufiyan Abd Hamid and A. Ibrahim and A. A. S. M. Radzi and S. Mat (2020) Evaluation on moisture extraction of Malaysian spratelloides gracilis cracker by using heat pump dryer.

A.N.A. Malik and S.A. Rahim and Hennie Fitria Wulandary Soehady Erfen and Baba Musta (2020) Geochemistry of water and sediment from selected river in Kundang- Ranau, Sabah.

Asdalifah Talibe and Rozaimi Zakaria and Abdullah Bade and Suzelawati Zenian (2020) Integrated fuzzy Bezier surface model.

A. Jaibi and Ramlah George @ Mohd. Rosli and Norliyana Aris (2020) Nutritional status and physical activity of users and non-users of dietary supplements in Kota Kinabalu.

A.J. Embug and Jepthe Sompud and Chin, Su Na and R. Repin and A. Tinggi and K.J.P. Chyi (2020) Perception on long-tailed macaques as public nuisance from the visitors and residents in Gaya Island national park.

Anna Lynn Abu Bakar and Suyansah Swanto and Wardatul Akmam Din and Romzi Ationg (2020) Preliminary study on the influence of willingness to communicate (WTC) among Malaysian pre-university students.

Alvin Oliver Payus and Constance Liew Sat Lin and Chandrika Murugaiah and Symeon Mandrinos and Rajesh Kumar Muniandy and Malehah Mohd Noh and Mya Sanda Khaing and Segaran Ramodran and Hamidah Hassan (2020) Regular Meals with Family and Its Association with Children’s BMI In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Ag Kaifah Riyard Kiflee and Mohd Noor Azli Ali Khan (2020) Risk disclosure and corporate governance characteristics.

Assis Kamu and H.C. Mun and Chong, Khim Phin and Darmesah Gabda and I.A. Seman and A. Hassan and N.A.J Wilaksono (2020) Similarity solution of two-dimensional diffusion equations by using gauss-seidel iteration with wave variables transformation.

Ahmad Abdul Rauf and Suyansah Swanto (2020) The attitudes of ESL teachers in Sabah towards technology integration.

ABM Tofazzal Hossain and Shaila Kabir and Liew, Constance Sat Lin and Fairrul Kadir and M Tanvir Hossain Parash and Sadia Choudhury Shimmi and Mohd Yusof Ibrahim and Mohammad Saffree Jeffree and Ehab Helmy Abdel Malek Fahmy and Symeon Mandrinos (2020) A call for knowledge and awareness with reference to organ donation among nursing students.

Amer Azlan Abdul Jamal and Noor Fzlinda Fabeil Amalan pengurusan perniagaan di kalangan usahawan mikro di Teluk Mengkabung, Tuaran Sabah.

Ahmad Riduan Bahauddin and Ling, Sing Wei and Sylvester Manthihal Effect of food sensory factors and restaurant images on customer satisfaction between franchise and local fast - food restaurant.

A.D. Ambas and Affendy Hassan and Julius Kodoh and Assis Kamu and Normah Awang Besar @ Raffie (2020) Early root development of Falcataria moluccana (Miq.) seedlings under tillage and nitrogen concentrations.


Behnam Kiani Kalejahi and Saeed Meshgini and Sabalan Daneshvar and Ali Farzamnia (2020) Bone age estimation by deep learning in X-Ray medical images.

Bablu Kumar Ghosh and Ismail Saad and Teo, Kenneth Tze Kin and Ahmad Mukifza Harun (2020) Si and CdTe solar photovoltaic: influence of back passivation contact designs on efficiency.

Budi Anto Mohd Tamring and Saidatul Nornis Hj. Mahali (2020) Toleransi etnik dalam kalangan pelajar bumiputera sekolah menengah di Kota Kinabalu Sabah.


Chong, Eric Tzyy Jiann and Jovita Jun Wong and Zaleha Abdul Aziz and Chia, Lock Tan and Sreeramanan Subramaniam and Mariam Abd Latip, Datin and Lee, Ping Chin (2021) Transformation of Sabah Traditional Rice for Combating Blast Disease.

Chandrika Murugaiah and Liew, Constance Sat Lin and Hassanain Al-Talib and Mehru Nisha and Mohamad Salih Falah and Nelbon Giloi and Tuan Zainazor Tuan Chilek and Tunung Robin and Atif Amin Baig and Rhanye Mac Guad and Mustafa Al-Shagga and May Zaw Soe and Ehab Helmy and Chang Chee Kong and Ng Chiak Yot and Symeon Mandrinos (2020) Beet-root oral rehydration salts and carrot oral rehydration salts formula in stopping diarrhea and enhancing hydration status.

Chong, Li Tsu and Lee, Shalin Wan Fei and Chan, Kim Geok and Saloma Pawi and Feryante Rintika and Drina Dalie (2020) Effect of hanging white bedsheet around phototherapy unit on TSB level in neonatal jaundice: a comparative study.

C. H. Lim and K. H. Ling and Adriana Erica Amaludin and X. P. Tian and Firdaus Hayati (2020) Incorporating virtual reality (VR) and building information modelling (BIM) in architectural planning and design for healthcare facility: a case study for hospital UMS.

Chong, Li Tsu and Deena Clare Thomas and Renie Martha Joanes and Rose A Nain (2020) Infusion phlebitis assessment method used in paediatric setting: a systematic review of literature.

Chong, Li Tsu and Josephine Magdeline Joseph and Nur Atikah Mohd Taib and Nurfirna Suzleyna Mohd Salleh and Jennefer Henry (2020) Knowledge and certainty about medication administration among nursing students in University Malaysia Sabah.

Chong Oi Min and Mohammad Tahir Mapa (2020) Komposisi sisa pepejal, program kitar semula dan pengetahuan pelajar terhadap amalan kitar semula di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bahang, Penampang, Sabah.

Chong, Oi Min and Mohammad Tahir Mapa (2020) Komposisi sisa pepejal, program kitar semula dan pengetahuan pelajar terhadap amalan kitar semula di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bahang, Penampang, Sabah.

Chung Su Chin and Pauline Stitt (2020) Nurses’ perceptions and attitudes towards family presence during resuscitation in adult critical care units.

Chong, Li Tsu and Mohd Nizam Kassim and Jane Ivanna Joss and Nurisrahwati Arif and Sherilviana Jukilin (2020) Readiness to enter working life as a registered nurse of final year nursing students in a public university.

Chin, Su Na and P.K. Cheah and L.Y. Low and W.J. Ng (2020) Reasons behind family refusal to organ donation in Sabah, Malaysia.

Chin Lee Mei @ Mary Tan and Mohd Dahlan A. Malek and Ismail Maakip (2020) Stress, psychological well-being and coping strategies among nurses in Sabah.

Charlie Albert Lasuin and Azizah Omar (2020) The bumiputera-owned small and medium enterprises’ mitigation on the deadly Covid-19.

Chang Foo Chung and Tan Sharon and Jennyca Singau and Khairul Hanim Pazim and Kasim Mansur (2020) The repercussions of Covid-19 pandemic on the labour force participation of older people: a narrative literature review.

Charlie Albert Lasuin and Azizah Omar Brand co-creation: revitalising Bumiputera-owned SMEs post-COVID-19.

Chin, Yee Ting and Beatrice Lim and Dayangku Aslinah Abd Rahim An overview of underemployment in Malaysia.


Deena Clare Thomas and Julie C M and Helda A H and Nurhani Nadiah B and Ranita M (2020) Autism: Awareness and Perception among Malaysian Nursing Students in Sabah.

Deena @ Clare Thomas and Chong, Li Tsu and Drina Dalie and Rose A Nain and Renie Martha Joanes and CheristyTumbil (2020) Peripheral intravenous canula (PIVC) assessment skills among pediatric nurses: audit-based approach study.

Daphne Acebron Clemente and Nurul Amiella Abdullah and ZurianahJusmin Jasmin and Muhammad Syafiq Abdullah and Helen Benedict Lasimbang and Wendy Diana Shoesmith and Loo, Jiann Lin and Pang, Nicholas Tze Ping (2020) A staff-initiated quality improvement project: from paper to web report.

Deena Clare Thomas and Arlene C T and Emilia E and Noor Syaffa Shawani Y X H (2020) The usage of cosmetic product containing skin-lightening ingredients among female nursing students in Sabah, Malaysia.

Dai Mengzhuo and Raman Noordin (2020) The use of environmental management accounting in China’s manufacturing industry.

David Matanjun and Mohammad Saffree Jeffree and Fredie Robinson and Md Shamsur Rahman and Falah Abass Mohamed Salih The business of traditional and complementary medicine in KK.


E.L.L. Lin and Rohaida Abdul Rasid @ Abdul Rashid and N.H.A. Daud (2020) Study On Proximal Composition of Illipe Nut (Shorea Stenoptera).

Elizebeth Gustin and Dayangku Aslinah Abd. Rahim Persepsi ke atas kesan pembangunan luar bandar kepada kesejahteraan hidup masyarakat di Beluran, Sabah.

E. Yuli and Jedol Dayou and K.P. Chong. (2020) Antifungal efficacy of zinc oxide nanoparticles against ganoderma boninense- in vitro.


Fumitaka Furuoka and Beatrice Lim and Khairul Hanim Pazim and Li Jingyi (2020) Empirical analysis of the “shimer puzzle”.

F. Sudirman and Moh Pak Yan and Baba Musta (2020) Geochemical characterization of ultrabasic rock and its potential on acid mine drainage treatment.

Fouziah Md. Yassin and M.S. Latip and Saturi Baco and A. Alias and A.A.A.Ibrahim (2020) Investigation of brainwave activities with different facial expression.

F.E. Anthony and M. Sudin and Mandy Maid and Yong, Wilson Thau Lym and N.M. Yunus (2020) A glimpse on the occurrence of wilting in acacia mangium plantation in Sabah.

Fera @ Nony Cleophas and L.L. Ee and Nur Zaida Zahari and Maznah Mahali and Baba Musta and Kawi Bidin (2020) The influence of tree height and diameter at breast height on the stemflow generation: a preliminary study.

Farrah Anis Fazliatul Adnan and Carolyn Melissa Payus and Justin Sentian (2020) Seasonal dynamics of a vegetated reef island on the east coast of north Borneo: Mabul island, Sabah, Malaysia.


Gan Kim Soon and Chiang L.C. and Chin Kim On and Nordaliela Mohd Rusli and Tan Soo Fun (2020) Comparison of ensemble simple feedforward neural network and deep learning neural network on phishing detection.

Gurumoorthy Poobalan and Roslee Talip (2020) Professional learning community via virtual among teachers promotes the teaching quality of 21st century learning in Malaysia during the covid-19 pandemic: a conceptual review.


Hardawati Yahya and Dayang Nur Sakinah Musa and M.N.F Sariee (2020) Does community forestry management increase reforestation and sustainability? A comparative systematic review of studies in southeast Asia.

Hardianshah Saleh and A.R. Samsudin and U. Hamzah and M.H. Ariffin and Z. Sulaiman and M.A.A.M. Jelani (2020) Geophysical Modelling of Meteorite Impact: Comparison of Mahsuri Ring Langkawi & Bukit Bunuh, Perak, Malaysia.

Hamidah Hassan and Theresa A and Jennifer D Y and Nurfarina NJ and Siti Aisyah W (2020) If doctors and nurses said vaping is safe ... It is safe… why not! A studyon the acceptance of e- cigarettes among future healthcare providers in one of higher learning institutions in east Malaysia.

Harifah Mohd Noor and Jabil Mapjabil and Adilah Md Ramli and Jurry Foo and Ubong Imang and Rima Abdul Rahman (2020) Impak Covid-19 terhadap keusahawanan makanan tradisi berskala kecil-kecilan di Sabah.

Hamzah Malajun and Mad Noor Madjapuni (2020) Penerapan pedagogi pengajaran matematik dan faktor-faktor meningkatkan keberkesanan pembelajaran secara atas talian dengan menggunakan kaedah self-regulated learning di SMK Sikuati II, Kudat Sabah.

Haslinda Abd Gaffar and Abdul Said Ambotang (2020) Pengaruh gaya pembelajaran dan motivasi intrinsik terhadap aplikasi luasan realiti dalam mata pelajaran sains.

Haidi Bin Entoh and Mohd. Khairuddin Abdullah @ Jerry and Mohd. Azizuan Abdullah and Mohd Rizal Lakim (2020) Pengaruh pengalaman mengajar terhadap efikasi guru dalam kalangan guru-guru sekolah rendah di zon pulau, utara Sabah. (In Press)

H.M. Yusuf and Norhafiza Hamzah and Zaturrawiah Ali Omar (2020) Simulation of drop-off recycling method for recyclable waste in Malaysia.

Hennie Fitria Wulandary Soehady Erfen and Baba Musta (2020) Slope assessment of Sikuati-Tajau member, Kudat formation using modified d-slope method.

Hasfena Lamdin and Segaran Ramodran and Regidor III Dioso (2020) Student nurses’ knowledge and practice on performing and interpreting electrocardiography: a cross sectional study.

H.J. Kuling and Justin Sentian (2020) The impact of land-use changes on greenhouse gases along the oil palm plantation to riparian buffer strips.

Hamidah Hassan and Azila T, and Kelvin J M and NurulIzzatie M, and Khadijah N Roslih (2020) The journey and glitches: a study on burnout and turnover syndrome among the nursing students in one of the nursing institutions of higher learning in Malaysia.

Haslinda Hasan and Geoffrey Harvey Tanakinjal Halal and small mediums enterprises (SMEs): the importance of fulfilling the demand of Fardhu Kifayah.

Hu, Youxuan and Salmah Topimin A conceptual framework on the role of leadership empowerment in creating employees’ creativity in entrepreneurial firms.


Ismail Abd Rahim (2020) The most critical failures by discontinuities adjustment factor.

Iziana Hani Ismail and Asmaa AlSaqqaf and Wardatul Akmam Din (2020) The relationship between multiple intelligences and English proficiency among pre-university students in Sabah at a higher education institution in Sabah.


Junaidah Januin and Wan Hurani Osman (2020) Am I understood? exploring the exercise of discourse competence knowledge in academic writing class presentations.

Jol Kankok and Abdul Said Ambotang and Mohd Nasir Rayung (2020) Analisis faktor pengesahan instrumen kesediaan pelajar terhadap adaptasi M-Pembelajaran.

Johan Severinus Tati and Suthagar Narasuman and Wong, Jane Kong Ling (2020) Code switching in the ESL classroom: the multilingual students’ perspectives.

Juliana Langgat (2020) Environmental indicators and hotel restaurants performance.

Junaidi Asis and S.H. Tahir and Baba Musta and Hazerina Pungut and B. Jasin (2020) Geotourism potential of South Klias Peninsula, Sabah.

Jeanny John and Joanne Justin and Dainah Francis and Helen Benedict Lasimbang and Wendy Diana Shoesmith and Loo, Jiann Lin and Pang, Nicholas Tze Ping (2020) Inculcating collaborative practice among healthcare professionals: initiative from hospital Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Junior Kimwah and Humin Jusilin and Zaimie Sahibil (2020) Kain Hitam Cave (Painted Cave) Niah, Sarawak: The Relationship of Boat-Shaped Coffin and Rock Painting.

Julianah Ahmad and Rosy Talin (2020) Penggunaan peta pemikiran m-cycle dalam pengajaran bahasa melayu bagi murid pekak: satu kajian tindakan di sekolah pendidikan khas.

Jamsari Hashim and Anna Lynn Abu Bakar (2020) Technology-enabled learning (TEL) policy of Universiti Malaysia Sabah: a learner’s perspective.

J.M. Lim and Chong, Harry Lye Hin (2020) Treatment of freshwater aquaculture effluent and the way forward.

John Mark Storey and Loh Yoke Len and Chelster Sherralyn Jeoffery and Suyansah Swanto and Wardatul Akmam Din and Norazah Mohd Suki (2020) What reading strategies do competent esl students use? An investigation involving undergraduates from a Malaysian university.

Jephte Sompud and L.W. Jah and Mandy Maid and K.J.C. Pei and P. Liau (2020) The response of bird diversity on reduced impact logging in segaluid lokan forest reserve.

Janet Jequiline Jolly Tinjol and Christina Andin and Jeromie Jolly (2020) The role of form six business study teachers in developing self-directed learning skills through problem-based learning.

Juliana Langgat and Marry Tracy Pawan and Noor Fzlinda Fabeil and Khairul Hanim Pazim Green Kopitiam And Local Intentions To Visit.

Junaidah Zeno Navigating consumer law to regulate entrepreneurs in e-commerce.

Justin Sentian and V.K.W. Yee and F. Herman (2020) Isoprene emission responses under changing climate and landcover forcing’s over Borneo Island.


Kamsilawati Kamlun and Priscilla Shak (2020) 152 “one to one: English for workplace communication course”: UMS administrative staff’s experience.

Khairul Hanim Pazim and Kasim Mansur and Noor Fzlinda Fabeil and James Alin and Roslinah Mahmud (2020) Exploring the economic impact of a pandemic on gig employment: a case of e-hailing taxi drivers in Sabah.

Kamsia Budin (2020) Pharmaceutical screening in aquatic environment using risk- based prioritization.

K.H. Erna and K. Rovina (2020) Physicochemical characterization of ph indicator film based antocyanin for active food packaging applications.

K. Ravichandran and Rosmalina Abdul Rashid and Wilter Malandi @ Azwal Aziz and J. K. Lajanga (2020) Recreational trampling impact in Sandakan Rainforest Park (SRP).

Kang Fairuz (2020) A concept for flexible integrated stem in Malaysian post pandemic education.

Kelvin Yong and Nur Thara Atikah Zainal A conceptual study of entrepreneurial success among single mothers in Sabah.

Kathleen Wong Min Ying and Salmah Topimin The influence of formal entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurship career development among graduates in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


Lee, Ping Chin and Goh, Lucky Poh Wah and Chong, Eric Tzyy Jiann (2021) Prevalence of Thalassemia in Southeast Asia.

L.S. Wei and J. Asis and Baba Musta (2020) Geochemical characterization of calcareous sediment from Kudat, Sabah.

L.H. Ali and Jumat Sulaiman and Azali Saudi and M.M. Xu (2020) Application of newton-gs iteration with quadrature scheme to solve nonlinear Fredholm integral equations.

L.N. Yong and Fatimah Ahmedy and Khin, Nyein Yin and S.S. Syah and Tan, Soo Fun and Nooralisa Mohd Tuah (2020) Association between early mobility scim measures and walking function in spinal tuberculosis.

L.N. Yong and Fatimah Ahmedy and Khin Nyein Yin and S.S. Syah and Tan Soo Fun and N.M. Tuah (2020) Association between mobility spinal cord independence measure (MSCIM) and period of walking recovery in spinal tuberculosis.

Liew, Constance Sat Lin and Symeon Mandrinos and Chandrika Murugaiah and Alvin Oliver Payus and Ng, ChiakYot and Khor, Foo Kiang and May, Zaw Soe and Ehab Helmy Abdel Malek Fahmy and ABM Tofazzal Hossain and Rhanye Mac Guad and Aye Aye Wynn and Segaran Ramodran and Hamidah Hassan and Soong, Shui Fun (2020) Association between parental restriction, control and reward on limiting children to eat unhealthy foodsin Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Li Jingyi and Fumitaka Furuoka and Beatrice Lim and Khairul Hanim Pazim (2020) Covid-19 risk perception impacts on behavioural intention towards Malaysia’s domestic tourism during the pandemic.

Lim, Sook Hon and Sabariah Sharif and Rosy Talin and Soon Singh Bikar Singh (2020) Factors influencing knowledge management implementation in secondary school: a case study in Malaysia.

Lee, Lilian Shiau Gee and Jasni Dolah (2020) Graphic styles techniques aids instructional games design: evidence from students’ experiences and demographics measures.

L.Yang and Suzelawati Zenian and Rozaimi Zakaria (2020) An image enhancement of s-function based on neighborhood information’.

Lee, Chie Tsang Isaiah (2019) Patterns of transformation: Linangkit.

Loi, Chek Kim and Lim, Jason Miin Hwa (2015) Hedging in academic writing: a pedagogically-motivated qualitative study.


M Abdy and Suzelawati Zenian and Irwan (2021) An Over view on intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces.

Mohd Nordin and Dayang Maryama (2020) Adakah saya malas bersenam? Sikap dan penglibatan aktiviti fizikal dan senaman dalam kalangan pelajar tingkatan enam. Satu kajian kes.

Melissa Sharmah Gilbert @ Jesuet and P. Asokan (2020) Alkaline pre-treatment for the production of cellulose acetate from Acacia mangium.

Megawanah Mohd Razalee and Prisia Jibin and Sabrina Paul and Muhammad Syafiq Abdullah and Helen Benedict Lasimbang and Wendy Diana Shoesmith and Loo, Jiann Lin and Pang, Nicholas Tze Ping (2020) Beginner crisis communication for nurses: an introductory module of hospital Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Mohd Nor Azan Abdullah and Sylviane Cardey Greenfield and Peter Green (2020) Binaan struktur pembentukan sintaksis Perancis-Melayu.

Mohd Khalizan Sabullah and N.M. Fazullah and N. Nordin and Wan Fahmi Wan Mohamad Nazarie and M. Y. Shukor (2020) Biosensors based on sphyraena barracuda muscle cholinesterase inhibition for insecticides (chlorpyrifos, malathion, diazinon and dimethoate) detection.

Miao Wenhao and Junainah Jaidi and Rosle Mohidin (2020) CEO compensation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and firm performance: evidence from China.

Mahadi Bahari and Syed Nasirin Syed Zainol Abidin and Esmadi Abu Abu Sema and Tamrin Amboala and Iza Azura Ahmad Bahar and Hadzariah Ismail and Nona Masnie Mohd. Nistah (2020) Dissecting user requirements in developing information systems for the government agencies in less-developed regions.

M.F.A. Aziz and S. Abbasiliasi and Roslina Jawan (2020) Effects of carbon and nitrogen sources on the growth of bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances producing lactic acid bacterium, lactobacillus farciminis ty1.

M.A. Asat and Fera @ Nony Cleophas and Nur Zaida Zahari and F.M. Kunarto and Baba Musta (2020) Hydrogeochemical and water quality status of main rivers in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Mohd Afis Ismail and Saidatul Nornis Haji Mahali (2020) Imbuhan Awalan Kata Kerja /ang-/ Bahasa Bajau Pulau Tabak-tabak Semporna.

Md. Safwan Samsir (2020) Kajian rintis: hubungan antara penglibatan sukan dengan pencapaian akademik di kalangan pelajar luar bandar di negeri Sabah.

Mohd Sohaimi Esa and Budi Anto Mohd Tamring and Mohd Azri Ibrahim and Irma Wani Othman and Siti Aidah Lokin and Romzi Ationg (2020) Kawasan rukun tetangga: suatu kajian dalam konteks kesepaduan sosial di daerah Kota Kinabalu.

Mohd. Taqwudin Mohd. Yazid and Suraya Sintang and Asiah Abas and Saidatul Nornis Hj. Mahali and Veronica Petrus Atin (2020) Kedudukan bahasa arab dalam kalangan masyarakat kadazandusun muslim di daerah Ranau.

Mohd Hussin Musa and Christina Andin and Syahrul Nizam Salam (2020) Kesahan dan kebolehpercayaan instrumen pentaksiran kemahiran insaniah murid (IPKIM) berdasarkan pendekatan model rasch: kajian rintis.

Mohd Arif Atarhim and NurulAsyiqin Ibrahim and Chong Zhi Yin and Santhna Letchmi Panduragan and Hamidah Hassan (2020) Knowledge and perceptions of palliative care among cancer patients in a tertiary hospital.

M Tanveer Hossain Parash and Sadia Choudhury Shimmi and ABM Tofazzal Hossain (2020) Knowledge, attitude, and practice of voluntary blood donation among the nursing students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

M. A. Shareenie and Mansoor Abdul Hamid and Hasmadi Mamat and H.A. Jaharul (2020) Mineral content of bread enriches with unripe saba banana flour.

Muhamad Suhaimi Taat and Roslee Talip and Musirin Mosin (2020) Pengaruh kurikulum dan iklim sekolah terhadap sikap akademik murid di institusi tahfiz.

Mazni Mustapha and Siti Rahayu Mohd. Hashim (2020) Predicting academic performance of undergraduate students through collective self-esteem and group trust.

Mazlinda Musa and Segaran Ramodran and Floreta Yusop and Nur Shiela Abdul Majid and Nur Fatihah and Aqilah Roslin and Frettychriswella and Hanlin Hanis and Siti Fatimah Saat (2020) Relationship between happiness and emotional expressiveness among nursing student in University Malaysia Sabah.

Mazlinda Musa and Azra F A and Segaran Ramodran and Marlinah P and Adawiyah N R and Randall M and Syed Sharizman Syed Abdul Rahim and Siti Fatimah Saat (2020) Resilience Among Undergraduate Nursing Students in University Malaysia Sabah.

Mohd Safri Saiman and Salmie Jemon and Muhammad Puad Bebit and Mohd Ali Hindia (2020) Social security, Covid-19 and the way forward: case of Malaysia.

Mohd Nasrun Mohd Talib and Saifulazry Mokhtar (2020) Sumbangan tun sakaran dandai di dalam perkembangan dakwah islam di Semporna, Sabah.

Maznah Muning and M.A.M. Arshad and Z. Ismail and A.H. Gerten (2020) Traditional knowledge of temuan tribe on medicinal plant used. Case study: Kampung Orang Asli Panson, Hulu Langat, Selangor.

Muhammad Syafiq Abdullah and Pang, Nicholas Tze Ping and Sharinah Abd Kassim and Flora Aurora Amat Udat and Nur Ziana Ulkaya and NuraisyahNurullah and Teuh, Yoke Sim and Shivendra and Jun, Rong Ng and Helen Benedict Lasimbang (2020) Widespread pandemic, wide-ranging response: student-led virtual telemedicine and digital community-based healthcare provision in a university healthcare Centre in response to coronavirus quarantine measures.

Mazlinda Musa and Fidelia Ferderik Anis and Hamidah Hassan and Syed Sharizman Syed Abdul Rahim and Siti Fatimah Saat (2020) The brunt of intensive simulation airway management training programme on the final year nursing in one of health training institutions in Sabah.

Megawati Soekarno and Ting, Su Hie (2020) The effect of communication strategy training on limited English proficiency learners’ strategic competence.

M.B.C. Mojulat and Loumi @ Noumie Surugau (2020) A review on health benefits, conservation and potential of wild edible fruit Baccaurea lanceolata.

Mohamad Ziyad bin Mukhtar and Saini Ag. Damit (2015) Amalan penggunaan lughat al-fasl (ل غةُ اَلف صْ لَ ) dalam kalangan guru pelatih j-qaf.

Mat Salleh Ayub and Mohd Affandi Harun and Mazalan Mifli and Azmi Bin Majid The role of business grant assistance, micro saving and financial knowledge towards Bumiputera SME business performance in Sabah.

Mohamad Zul Hilmey Makmud and H. A. Illias and C. Y. Chee (2020) Evaluation on partial discharge activity of palm oil toughened with iron oxide nanoparticles. (Unpublished)

Mohamad Akramin Sakirun*, and Oscar Dousin (2020) The relationship between work and non-work stress towards job performance and satisfaction among firefighters in Sabah, Malaysia: a conceptualization.

M.N. Suardi and Jumat Sulaiman (2020) Cubic trigonometric b-spline solution for solving two-point boundary value problems.


Noor Sheena Herayani Harith and Felix Tongkul and M I Adiyanto and Ahmad Nurfaidhi Rizalman (2021) Effect of Long-distance Earthquake from Philippines and Sulawesi to Sabah Region.

Ng Chiak Yot and Khor Foo Kiang and Constance Liew Sat Lin and Symeon Mandrinos and Fairrul Kadir and Malehah Mohd Noh and Nagesh Chodankar and Chandrika Murugaiah and Mohd Nazri Mohd Daud and Nelbon Giloi and May Zaw Soe and Ehab Helmy Abdel Malek Fahmy and Segaran Ramodran and Hamidah Hassan (2020) Career Preferences of Graduating Medical Students in Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Noraini Tahir and P.V.D. Voort (2020) Characterization and physicochemical properties of ir(I) complexes on bipyridine-based covalent triazine framework.

Newati Wid and R. Selaman (2020) Comparison of phosphorus recovery from different organic substrates using Simple Batch Mesophilic Reactor (SBMR).

Noor Faziedah Chun Lee and Borhan Abdullah and Kasim Mansur and Roslinah Mahmud and Rostika Petrus Boroh (2020) Covid-19’s impacts on foreign workers.

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